My first Sensie 2006 goal

4 01 2008

Today I finally got Sensible Soccer 2006 for the XBox. My first game was between Germany and UAE and it was a 0:0. Next one ended 1:1 and my first goal was scored by a Klinsa. Not bad, I like it, now I have to read the manual


FTP client finally works

1 01 2008

Cause Christos explained me the use of GlueStiK, I got finally Litchi to run on MF. Next will be to install it on Frog as well.

Litchi is a ftp client done by Rajah Lone. GlueStiK is a bridge that enables MintNet to be StiK compatible.

First Kick Off goal 2008

1 01 2008

The first Kick Off goal 2008 has to be announced:

scored by Thorsten B. against Jan K. at 0:15 at the 1st of Jannuary 2008

Also to be announced: The first penalty goal 2008:

scored by Jan K. 0:21 at the 1st of Jannuary

The first match 2008 ended

Thorsten B. 5 – 1 Jan K.