The good old boobs of PSX Lara

21 03 2008

I remember 1997 when I visited the Siliconvention Party in Bremen. For the first time I saw Tomb Raider on a PSX, and well it was impressive. I loved the athmosphere of the game a lot. I remember next to it was a early version of FIFA or something like that, and a stupid local was playing. I asked him, if I could join the game, and he agreed. When we choosed the teams, he said I take germany, bacause I’m proud to be german, and I thought fuckin nationalist and said, I choose England, cause I have friends there (I’m shure he only have german friends).
I won 3-1 and was really satisfied.

Today some 11 years later, while I’m much to late to enter the Breakpoint party, I played Tomb Raider on the PSX for the first time with my own copy of the game. And again I like this athmosphere.


Fall asleep while I was playing Lotus III

18 03 2008

Another indication, that I become old :-). Yesterday, while I was playing Lotus III on the ST because it the actuall STOT game, I felt asleep in the last race.

Kubuntu 8.04 Update

9 03 2008

I did a update to Kubuntu 8.04. First time I used a beta distri.
First it looks fine, even that my dsl router with WEP is not regocnized again.
Than I found out, that I wasn’t able to do a sudo because the installation replaced the hosts file. So I had a problem. Finally I bootet with a Kubuntu Live CD and mounted the filesystem and add the missing entry. Then everything worked as before.

Now I use JayMSA to extract disk Images

1 03 2008

Thanks to ChrisTOS, I now found out, that JayMSA could also extract .st images to disks. That was pretty helpfull to extract the Metrocross disk Image, to compete in the STOT on a real ATARI