Rhein / Main Kick Off Tournament Januar 2009

25 01 2009

Thanks to Volker, this time we were able to do a real offizial tournament. Many thanks to you Volker.

After 1-2 practise matches, we start early and managed to play 4 rounds. Volker and Frank who stayed over night got the idea to do a personal competition for the couch. Well Frank won, sorry Volker.

After 2,5 rounds Volker looks like the winner, but then we give him some pepermint schnaps from the czech republic and maybe this “blinder” managed that he first only scored a draw against me and then lost all further games against Frank.

Was the best player in the end, so he deserved the title

Became more and more tired, because it was a long working day for him and a long journey as well

I feel a little bit unmotivated at the moment, but it looks like my joystick now works again after the cabel was changed last week. I also manage to continue my training in high balls, I stoped at the austrian champs. Hope that I could play more 4-2-4 in the future.

We all agree, that he finally crossed the break even point, and he become better and better now. Well done, even that you still haven’t earned a single point at the RMKO tournaments so far, it’s only a matter of time.

Thanks to all participants, see you in February

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Nachruf an meine 2 Risc OS Rechner

25 01 2009

Letzte Woche habe ich meine 2 RiscOS 700 Rechner an Dr.Zed gegeben. Er wird damit bestimmt mehr machen als ich.

Gestern hat er geschrieben, das er inzwischen beide zum laufen gebracht hat, und das er nun 2 Top Systeme zusammen hat, wenn er noch das OS auf den neuesten Stand bringt.

Bei ihm läuft auch eine PC Karte so daß im Fenster Windows 95 dargestellt wird, und das auf einem Rechner von 1995. Das hat auf anderen überhypten pseudo coolen Mac’s erst vor 2 Jahren funktioniert!

Ich mochte meinen RiscOS Rechner wirklich sehr, allerdings war ich nicht bereit, solche unsummen für OS, Netzwerkkarte etc auszugeben, wie es leider notwendig ist.
Ich hoffe nun, das ich es irgendwann mal auf nem Emulator laufen lasse, bzw. auf Dr.Zed geplanten FPGLA ARM board. Schöne wäre es. Denn RiscOS hat einfach einen mega coolen charm.

Die beiden Rechner hatten auch eine länger Geschichte. Der eine ist von Bastian Moritz (MoAco) und der andere ist von No / Escape. Nun sind beide bei Dr.Zed, mögen sie bei ihm weiterhin glücklich werden.

Tschüß meine Freunde


Mittwinter Meeting 2009

18 01 2009

Bilder vom Mittwinter Meeting in Kirchen. Auf dem Bildern ist auch der “Defender or Die” Spielewettbewerb zu sehen, den ich sogar gewonnen habe!

The Mittwinter meeting was foundet by Dr.Zed and is held in Kirchen (Sieg) in Germany. The meeting once was started for Amstrade and Z80 fans, but nowadays all retro computers are present. This year you could spot: Amstrade, Atari,Commodore and Acorn.

The meeting is held in the western forest hills nearby Siegen, and it’s allways really cold up their in the mountains. There is a buch of crazy people present, from allover Germany (Bielefeld, Osnabrück, München, Wiesbaden, Darmstadt, Aachen, Hagen, etc).

Beside a lot of repair actions this year Cash organised a Defender or Die (Amstrade CPC) competition.

Here the results:

1. ThorN 16300
2. Tolkin 8100
3. Ingo 8050
4. Cash 7675
5. Nilquader 5825
6. xesrjb 3425

My first victory on a CPC 🙂

German Kick Off 2 Rankings Januar 2009

4 01 2009

Der Heber Januar 2008
Surprisingly Volker B. won the Langefeld 9 tournament, the fist not victory of Oliver St. since ages. Sad for Oliver, that he did not won even that he did not lost one game and torn Volker to pieces in the match.

Lookout Januar tournaments
Due to the fact, that there some new players in the Königswinter area, there will hopefully some more possibilities to play, so far the next IKOV / RMKO (Rhein Main Kick Off) tournament is set at the 24.01

German rankings Jannuar 2009
German alltime rankings Jannuar 2009

For the first time, two players left the table: Patrick D. and the mighty Michael O. Definitly a historical moment for german Kick Off. Michael O was the best german player ever and I keep my fingers cross that once there will be the time we will see him for a short comeback.

On the other side, new this mounth: Wolfgang H. the brother of Guido H.

Because now there are only the last 2 german champs in the table, the table become more realistic.

There was no changes in the top, beside that Jan G. and Jörg P. are now in the top 10.

In the midfield Jan K. boost to place 16 while Dirk B. is on his feets.

At the bottom, Guido H. profit from his direct vitory over Klaus-Dieter M.

Young Blood of old Kick Off gamers

4 01 2009

On Saturday I went to Königswinter-Oberplais to meet some Kick Off gamers who recently found their way to the German Kick Off community.

Because the tournament was set very late, I had to cancel a training session with Jan K. (sorry again). It was hard to find the location, but due to my navigation system, I finally managed to climb up the hill.

Volker B. also appeared, and in the tournament we found out, that these gues are great Kick Off players. And not only because once again my Joystick did not work, I scored no points in the 2nd Round.

The interesting think is, that they play KO2 in the international friendly mode instead of the offizial KOA Version, that is sometimes really strange, but was very interesting to see, that people try to get the most of the possibilities of a standard KO2 instead of patching it.

So it will be much more interesting, to see them competiting in the KOA version, hope they managed to come to the next RMKO (Rhein Main Kick Off) meeting.