Volfied Day 4

29 04 2009

Today I encounted, that it’s possible to gain 100k in Level II by getting the 2nd red signed extra. That’s a difference 🙂 Also interesting. This game is really a good choice for a competition. Xerus is only some points behind, so it will end like allways I guess, but I had enough fun.
After some time of silence in the dbug shadow forum, shw posted a score. Nice, come one guys.


Volfied Day 3

27 04 2009

I think I got the clue now. You have to find the right way to get the extras in each level. I managed to reach Level 6 now. And I was very close to level 7 🙂

To do a screenshot, I had some problems, because just in that moment the batteries of my camera was empty. So I had to wait some minutes until it was recharged. Next the cardreader didn’t recognized the SD card. But finally I worked.

I got 199680 points, and manged to beat the score of StickHead.

Kick Off training day 1

27 04 2009

Today I only practise. Frank gave me a tipp, and I tried it out, and he was right. I have to train now a lot this kind of goalshot. It’s allready the second tipp of Frank. Many thanks.

STOT IRC Channel

27 04 2009

If you are interested in retro gaming, feel free to join our retro gaming orientated channel


on irc.freenet.de or on a lot of other servers as well.

We talk about how to save the humans as well as how to survive in the actuall STOT game

Volfied day 2

27 04 2009

I got no new highscore, but I enjoyed the game for half an hour. I found out that in Level 3 there are extras’s. They are a little bit hidden in the corners. The game is of course a test of your concentration, and in Level 2 you simply need to wait until the right extra is close by and the nasties are far away. But easy to say, and hard to practise 🙂

Replaced Pidgin by Quassel

27 04 2009

After some mounth with Pidgin as IRC client, I read that the new Kubuntu 9.04 includes Quassel, so I gave it a chance, and I like it. So I now use it as my IRC client. Pidgin allways worked fine, so many thanks to the authors for their great job.

Projekt Zaehbra – Coder weekend II: Did some fingertraining in C coding for the Zaehbra project

26 04 2009

After a period of java coding, it was cool to come back to c again. But of course you get used to some structures like lists (vectors etc.). This has to be written in plain C by yourself, so did I. It was funny in the end to see a double chained list working in the end. This lists will be the main structures to controll the objects like enemies,barriers,tiles etc. in the game, so it was an important part of the game and the engine. Therefor there is nothing to show, but let’s see what will happen the next coderweekend