HomeCon 05/09

26 04 2009

For the first time some retro related people organize a meeting called HomeCon in Seligenstadt (near Frankfurt), to simple meet each other and do what every you like with your old stuff.

I heard about the event via a retro group at Wer-kennt-wenn and so I organised, that the RMKO group do a Kick Off training there.

Ok we were only Frank and I, but it was a start. It was hard to get to Seligenstadt, because I missed the highway exit twice, and then I found out, that it was i a subburb, and so it took me more time from the exit to the location than from Wiesbaden to the exit.

Frank told me he also had some problems, so I felt not that alone 🙂

The meeting was i a kind of a town hall and we had a room with enough space, but there was a lack of powersupply plug-ins. While this minnor problem was solved, I had a quick look around, and saw a loot of Commodore C64 and C128 people, one Atarian, a lonly Amstrad user and a coleco fan.

Frank was impressed by the internet kit called Commodore 64. I heard of it before, but it was interesting to see it in real. Also interesting for me, to see a C65 in real.

Together with some cakes the power plug-in was delivered and so we start playing Kick Off. The people was impressed by our enthusiasm (Jawohl), and so get some attraction. In the end there was at least one person who showed his old skills. He has talent (scored a goal against the german vice-champion), and we hope he will join a tournament next time.

Here are the results:

Thorsten B – Frank F

The table:
1. Frank F. 51 points 127 goals
2. Thorsten B. 0 points 19 goals

So I would say a good 2nd place for me.

I also give a bag of DD Disks (some 100 pieces) away for free, and the people liked them a lot, so finally they came to good hands, that was fine for me.

Later Hans the main organizer of the VCFe joined the meeting, and once again he invited me to the VCFe. It is next week, but I’m not prepared, but well Hans real has good arguments to join the meeting, so next Year I will do so I think

Then it was time to leave. One of the organizers told us, that the next date will be the 6th of June.




One response

28 04 2009


hey guys, Seligenstadt has three (3!) exits! Two at A3 and one at A45, so it is a great performance to drive _around_ Seligenstadt not find an exit.
I guess your are more comfortable with Kickoff instead of your navigationsystem. 😀 But it’s o.k., and I’m sure youl’ll have better luck next time. 😛 Looking forward to see you at next HomeCon! 🙂

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