STOT #2/19 The greek round: Metal Link startet

31 05 2009

A lot of us concentrate more on the Outline than on the STOT. The main ATARI event allways need some days to prepare stuff, and a week to order the impressions afterwards.

So lets start a new round.

After we was suprised, that outside of germany the great giana sisters aren’t well known, we think that we should continue with “the most favorite” games from countries outside the UK. This time we travel to Greece. And we will see if the world class cloner there also could clone a game such good as Rainbow Arts :-)

Now we will play Metal Link. You could download a file from ATARI Legend. the file was supplied by ChrisTos.

Metal Link

We start at Level 9. Now credits. Go to atari-forum for the STOT thread

So far the first day was very promising. ChrisTos set the first real score with more than 127k. I managed to beat his score, but meanwhile Xerus has 153k and ChrisTos also overthrown me again with 141k. SSB also participated, but traditional he does not like the game 🙂


STOT Live: Outline 2009 – Bubble Bobble

24 05 2009

Good organizers that we are, we started to plan long before the event took place. ChrisTos and I agreed to play a Super Sprint competition at the outline, cause the game offers the possibility to play with 3 players at the same time.

So after we arrived at the Outline venue, we sat up SiThfrEak, my compo STE, and gave Super Sprint a try.

MSX in actionThe outline party inside

SiThfrEak and ChrisTosSiThfrEak in action

It made a lot of fun to play, but we got the feeling, that you must be a trained player to enjoy the game, and we thought, that there might be another game that would be easier for the casual demoscener.

So because of the good experiences we gained at the Numerica with playing Double Bobble 2000, we decided to choose Bubble Bobble. This game every computer enthusiast of the world know, mostly because of the great tune, that once heard never left our memories again.

So at 14’00 o’clock we started the competition by asking people to join the competition. Soon we had 12 people in the list, so we decided to only add 4 more to have 16 people. But it happened, that the number of participants grow to 24 in the end. Never the less, ChrisTos, SSB and I (the STOT Live organizers) next sat down at the terrace to enjoy the sun and celebrate the well known “random pair generator” for the first Round.

The rules were pretty easy as allways. Bubble Bobble is a two player game, so two participants play against each other, and the one with the highest score reaches the next round. Because Bubble Bobble have a continue functionalitty, the judges had to follow the game, to declare the winner. It’s possible, that a participant die first, but wins because in the end he had more points scored.

The compo judges: ThorN, SSB, ChrisTosThe three judges: ThorN, SSB, ChrisTos

First round took long as allways, especially becuase we had to do a break because of the music compos followed by the pizza wave and the barbeque. But in the end and some pragmatic chances to the rules, we came more more in the usual automatic flow of such a competiton. And after a while the half finals were reached.

First half final was Crazey/PHF a.k.a. Shw/dbug against ChrisTos. Even that Crazey was the favorite, ChrisTos managed to get it into the final.
Second half final was PeP against Hencox/Nature. The game was the best in the competition, and it would have been worth to be the final. Finally Hencox won.

Thanks to the Outline organizers (Hi Havoc, D-Force, Earx) we was able to play the final on the bigscreen. So the whole audience had to listen to the Bubble Bobble tune for a while 🙂 Some people even played a techno version of it to salute the finalists.

The audience watches the finalThe audience

Bubbles in the hallBubbles on the bigscreen

In the final Hencox showed that he is the best player and so he won against ChrisTos. Concratulation Hencox, you are now the best Atari player of 2009!

The finalThe final

The STOT finalists: Christos, HencoxThe winners

As prizes, ChrisTos won the game DVD by Marcer. Many thanks to Marcer to give us this prize. Hencox got a CMS joystick sponsered by me. I thought, that it would be a good idea, that the swedish winner gets a greek joystick while the greek second get a swedish DVD.

Prize giving: ChrisTosChrisTos gets Marcers DVD

Prize giving: HencoxHencox gets a CMS joystick

Many thanks to all people made this competition such a fun, and hope to see you next year again.

Rand 2.0 the reborn ubuntu desktop Day 1

17 05 2009

I finally tried to use a memory stick as my desktop system rather than a box of hardware. Now I have my full system on one little stick. That’s cool.

1) I downloaded the latest Ubuntu 9.04 ISO Image and saved it to the HD
2) With K3B I burned the ISO to a CD.
3) I rebooted and bootet the Ubuntu Installer from CD. I choosed the memory stick as the device whre to install the Ubuntu desktop.
4) Afte Installing, I rebooted again the new Ubuntu Desktop from memory stick
5) After the first boot, Ubuntu said, that the language packages aren’t complete, and offers a wizard to complete them, by installing the missing packages.
6) But I can’t download them, because I had no WLAN access. The whole Wireless part of the networkmanager was dead. I got a little bit in panic, but in the end I found out, that the Airport wireless antenna on my Mac Mini was full of dust. So after cleaning it manually 🙂 It worked fine.
7) While downloading the missing language packages the package manager told me, that some repositories where not reachable, that’s not so good, but looks like I don’t need them at the moment. In the end I downloaded another 18 language packages.
8) Now that I allready downloaded the new repository files to the package manager, I also did a generell update of the system, as it was adviced by the update manager. 75 new and updated packages were downloaded and installed
10) That’s it. I finally got a new Ubuntu 9.04 desktop system that is great to use and easy to install. What else do I want?

Giana goes, Hel comes

17 05 2009

STOT #18/2: The Great Giana Sisters is over. Here are the results

The Great Giana Sisters

Thanks to all particiapants.

This was a very interesting STOT round. In germany we think that all over the world The Great Giana Sisters is well known, but now we learned, that it isn’t. Beside the old grubler ChrisTos I also think that the game win some friends.

Christos: I don’t think I’ll play this game again.

SSB: i just love the ST version

Thorn: Even if the game is easy to complete, then the one with the most points will win. Thats also a interesting part of the game, that you collect bonus points.

StickHead: Flip screen doesn’t spoil his as much as I thought, though I hate it when the screen flips in the middle of a jump – makes my heart skip a beat!

Desty: Gah. How the hell do you get past the bouncing thing on level 3? It wasted my remaining 3 or so lives until game over. Couldn’t jump under it, couldn’t jump over it, couldn’t shoot it… WTFGah. How the hell do you get past the bouncing thing on level 3? It wasted my remaining 3 or so lives until game over. Couldn’t jump under it, couldn’t jump over it, couldn’t shoot it… WTF ………………… Oh, apparently you can jump over it. Booooo

Xerus: There are some passages where you have to die many times before finding the proper timing or proper placement.
After the brain registers it and then you pass it every time

That’s why I think Xerus and Desty and Strider and CB and the other french players should think about a game that’s well known in france, but maybe not to well known in the rest of the world, and suitable for a STOT. ChrisTos said, that there are 3 games from greece, and the tetris clone looks really nice, so I think tis will be the overnext game, but we will see. Next game choosing IRC session will be in 3 weeks, cause a lot of us will meet each other at the Outline.

Concratulation SSB, you not only win this round, you are also the 2nd player who ever won more than one STOT round (damned, before me. Bloody bastard It was also great to see ryo scored again. The dbug forum was also bussy this time at least with comments

Next STOT round is No Second Prize a bike racer from Thalion from 1993.


The STOT thread is here. Have fun

Conquer the seven hills Part 3: Allee le bleu

17 05 2009

For the third time I went to Koenigswinter to play Kick Off 2.

I arrived at 21’00 o’clock. Oliver St. and Freddy B. was allready there, as well as Cornelius H. who host the tournament. Later Michael also arrived so we started around 22’00 o’clock.

Allee le bleu
Before I luckily had 2 friendlies against Freddy, and I found out, that my normal team: Holland really suxx. Because of a mistake when I choosed the teames I played with England and Freddy played Holland and I won 3:0 and saw, that the defence of Holland is more like De Graafschap Doetinchem than Ajax. So I decided to chose another team this time. France was the best team that was left, so I chosed them.

Thorsten B – Freddy B 4:4
The first game is of course allways special, but Freddy played allready so it was not his first match, so the draw was not a first game wonder I think. For the first time this evening the old nassovian battlecry “der Dreherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr” was heard throughout the seven hills.

Thorsten B – Michael 2:1
I took my chances, and the misfortune of Michael started here. First half was ok, I was 2:0 in the lead, but second half, I did not scored, so Michael was able to score the 2:1. In this situation normally I als get the 2:2, but as I said it was not the evening of Michael.

Thorsten B – Cornelius H 1:1
A typical Thorsten – Cornelius game. I scored first, but Cornelius gave the answer, then we both had chances but don’t used them. The thrill of the game was the fun.

So after 3 games I was undefeated before I face the mighty german champion

Thorsten B – Oliver St 0:6-8
Can’t remember the correct score. My aim was to get less than 10 and I reached it. Playing against Oliver is allways a training of my defence.

Thorsten B – Michael 2:1
Again I had much more luck than Michael. So I have to party this time because who knows what will happen next tournament

Thorsten B – Freddy B 4:6
Freddy was allready in a good mood, after his first game he scored more than 10 goals (against Michael), so he started with a fast 0:2. Then suprise suprise, I was able to turn the game to a 3:2 !!!! But then Freddy socred 4 goals in a row: 3:6. But never surrender! I scored the 4:6 but then the game was over. Was also a great pleasure to play.

Thorsten B – Cornelius H 3:2
The game started with a goal by Cornelius: 0:1 then I answered with the 1:1 but Cornelius scored again: 1:2. Now for a while nothing special happend, but then I scored the 2:2, and even that it looked like a draw, I got my chance, used it and scored the 2:3.

I celebrated my victory, cause now it was clear, that this time I reached place 3 in the tournament. This was much more than I espected before and I was extrem satisfied with my Kick Off I played the evening.

Thorsten B – Oliver St. 1:7
After the legendary 1:6 disaster of Oliver against Freddy, Oliver was nervous, because he had to win against me, to win the tournament. Well he started with a fast 0:1, but I was able to answer with the 1:1. Even that Oliver became a little bit more nervous, he was able to reached a 1:3 soon. And in the end it was a 1:7. I scored a goal, so for me it was a good last game. Oliver won the tournament so both of us were happy.

Great Gianna Sisters Day 1

12 05 2009

Ok, this was not my first day of playing GGS, but I still only manage to get to level 16. This is only the half of the game. But well it really makes fun, that’s what count.

The music of the game is still great. It’s also unique compared to others, that the music changes if you enter a bonus room for example.

Ordered 6 CMS sticks from greece

12 05 2009

My Kick Off skills increased a lot after I got my hands on a CMS joystick. Thanks to ChrisTos who send it to me.

The CMS stick

But I had the problem, that if the joystick did not worked, my Kick Off become worse than before. It happened twice, that the stick did not worked and in the end, I had to exchange the cable. It was a used joystick, so it was not the fault of the manufactorer.

So to be shure, that I could play with a CMS for the next years, I ordered 6 sticks in greece.

All 6 boxes

The joystick ist still manufactored by

CMS Computers
Λεφ.Βουλιαγμένης 362 & Πρεμετής 6
17342, Άγιος Δημήτριος, Αθήνα.
Τηλ.: 210 9911080
Τηλ. & Φαξ : 210 9961088

It only took about 2-3 days after my paypal payment, that the sticks arrived in my packetstation.

The parcel

Now I’m happy, cause even if one stick get broken, I have some others. All the sticks aren’t for me, some other german Kick Off players allso get one.