STOT #2/18 The Great Gianna Sisters startet

2 05 2009

Here is the thread

A long time ago, when a young boy later known as ThorN the Iratarian was young and had to go to school, suddly a disc was found in his hands.

On the disk there was a name. We all remember the blue 3.5 inch disks with the white labels (most of time with a colored stroke) and the name of the game written on it by hand.

Only the name of the game let the young boy only think on the disk the whole schooltime at that day, and some hours later finally he was able to put the disk in his SF314 drive next to his 520 STM.

After some short loading time, a nice title pic appears with and the young boy finally reads the magic word on the screen:

The Great Gianna Sisters

This game was allready a legend on the C64 at that time, and the young boy could well remember playing it at the neighbors (C64 owners was of course no friends

So pressing the button and the game starts. Yes it looked bright, that was the difference between a ST and a C64. So jump jump jump but what’s that? The screen does not scroll! At the end of the screen, it flip to the next.

Oh no, what a desaster. This fact would spread from gamer to gamer and next day in school everybody would allready know. This wondermaschine ST could not scroll!

This day was the day, this young fellow realised, that 16 Bit, 512 KB ram and 68000 with 8 Mhz does not mean anything. More important for gameing are the custom ships.

But because he was an Iratarian (he was used to tragedies) the young fellow simply played the game to death, and enjoyed it even that it does not scroll.

So here is Great Gianna Sisters, one of the games that changed my live I would say, have fun




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