SiThfrEak incarnates

3 05 2009

Today I give the name SiThfrEak to my Atari 1040 STE. SiThfrEak is a good friend of mine since the day I got it from Jabba. Jabba said, do you wants a 1040 STE 4MB (ok some keys does not work) for free? I said of course, so what’s the catch? Well Jabba said, you habe to take two boxes of spectrum incuding a speccy and a ZX81 as well.

I said no problem. Well of course it toke some time to get it into my car, and I took me some days to get an overview what kind of speccy stuff I got. It was a ugly replacement keyboard with a speccy mainboard and nearly every extention that was available for the maschine and a nice ZX81 with also nearly every extention available on this planed. Also a lot of software.

Later I get ride of the speccy and ZX81 (sorry I had no space anymore) and gave it to CAS/RAF. But I still own some of the games. And SiThfrEak of course who was more or less the carrot to give the speccy stuff in good hands.

So welcome on Irataria SiThfrEak




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