IRC meeting to find a game for STOT #2/19

10 05 2009

The IRC channel #stot works fine. SSB, ChrisTos and I were able to choose a game for the next round. My first proposal was to choose the game Extase.


It was proposed by Xerus in one of the last game selecting thread on atari-forum. So I played it 3-4 times. The game is really outstanding, that was the question when we asked for games, but it does not have this “I want to dig into it” feeling. So I think not many players would have played it.

So we had to find another game. ChrisTos proposed No Second Prize.

No Second Prize

I remember that I never played the game, but maybe because my former graphician liked it, I don’t liked it 🙂 So while SSB and ChrisTos diskused the game, I tested it. And I found out, that it is really a great experience. I like Motor Cycle games like Honda RVF or Super Cycle, but in NSP the 3D world is like a flight simulator and really rotate like riding a bike.

So after some dicussion about the modus we should play, we finally agree to choose it.

So round #2/19 will start at the 16th of May 2009

Game: No Second Prize (Thalion 1993)
Modus: Best lap of track 1 in the Season. Choose a driver you like.




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