Rand 2.0 the reborn ubuntu desktop Day 1

17 05 2009

I finally tried to use a memory stick as my desktop system rather than a box of hardware. Now I have my full system on one little stick. That’s cool.

1) I downloaded the latest Ubuntu 9.04 ISO Image and saved it to the HD
2) With K3B I burned the ISO to a CD.
3) I rebooted and bootet the Ubuntu Installer from CD. I choosed the memory stick as the device whre to install the Ubuntu desktop.
4) Afte Installing, I rebooted again the new Ubuntu Desktop from memory stick
5) After the first boot, Ubuntu said, that the language packages aren’t complete, and offers a wizard to complete them, by installing the missing packages.
6) But I can’t download them, because I had no WLAN access. The whole Wireless part of the networkmanager was dead. I got a little bit in panic, but in the end I found out, that the Airport wireless antenna on my Mac Mini was full of dust. So after cleaning it manually 🙂 It worked fine.
7) While downloading the missing language packages the package manager told me, that some repositories where not reachable, that’s not so good, but looks like I don’t need them at the moment. In the end I downloaded another 18 language packages.
8) Now that I allready downloaded the new repository files to the package manager, I also did a generell update of the system, as it was adviced by the update manager. 75 new and updated packages were downloaded and installed
10) That’s it. I finally got a new Ubuntu 9.04 desktop system that is great to use and easy to install. What else do I want?




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