STOT Live: Outline 2009 – Bubble Bobble

24 05 2009

Good organizers that we are, we started to plan long before the event took place. ChrisTos and I agreed to play a Super Sprint competition at the outline, cause the game offers the possibility to play with 3 players at the same time.

So after we arrived at the Outline venue, we sat up SiThfrEak, my compo STE, and gave Super Sprint a try.

MSX in actionThe outline party inside

SiThfrEak and ChrisTosSiThfrEak in action

It made a lot of fun to play, but we got the feeling, that you must be a trained player to enjoy the game, and we thought, that there might be another game that would be easier for the casual demoscener.

So because of the good experiences we gained at the Numerica with playing Double Bobble 2000, we decided to choose Bubble Bobble. This game every computer enthusiast of the world know, mostly because of the great tune, that once heard never left our memories again.

So at 14’00 o’clock we started the competition by asking people to join the competition. Soon we had 12 people in the list, so we decided to only add 4 more to have 16 people. But it happened, that the number of participants grow to 24 in the end. Never the less, ChrisTos, SSB and I (the STOT Live organizers) next sat down at the terrace to enjoy the sun and celebrate the well known “random pair generator” for the first Round.

The rules were pretty easy as allways. Bubble Bobble is a two player game, so two participants play against each other, and the one with the highest score reaches the next round. Because Bubble Bobble have a continue functionalitty, the judges had to follow the game, to declare the winner. It’s possible, that a participant die first, but wins because in the end he had more points scored.

The compo judges: ThorN, SSB, ChrisTosThe three judges: ThorN, SSB, ChrisTos

First round took long as allways, especially becuase we had to do a break because of the music compos followed by the pizza wave and the barbeque. But in the end and some pragmatic chances to the rules, we came more more in the usual automatic flow of such a competiton. And after a while the half finals were reached.

First half final was Crazey/PHF a.k.a. Shw/dbug against ChrisTos. Even that Crazey was the favorite, ChrisTos managed to get it into the final.
Second half final was PeP against Hencox/Nature. The game was the best in the competition, and it would have been worth to be the final. Finally Hencox won.

Thanks to the Outline organizers (Hi Havoc, D-Force, Earx) we was able to play the final on the bigscreen. So the whole audience had to listen to the Bubble Bobble tune for a while 🙂 Some people even played a techno version of it to salute the finalists.

The audience watches the finalThe audience

Bubbles in the hallBubbles on the bigscreen

In the final Hencox showed that he is the best player and so he won against ChrisTos. Concratulation Hencox, you are now the best Atari player of 2009!

The finalThe final

The STOT finalists: Christos, HencoxThe winners

As prizes, ChrisTos won the game DVD by Marcer. Many thanks to Marcer to give us this prize. Hencox got a CMS joystick sponsered by me. I thought, that it would be a good idea, that the swedish winner gets a greek joystick while the greek second get a swedish DVD.

Prize giving: ChrisTosChrisTos gets Marcers DVD

Prize giving: HencoxHencox gets a CMS joystick

Many thanks to all people made this competition such a fun, and hope to see you next year again.




5 responses

25 05 2009

Looked like a great competition! Did you keep record of the scores? Seeing BB played on a huge screen would have been superb! Commiserations to ChrisTos… maybe next year?

25 05 2009

The scores and the pairings coming soon. It allways take some time to get them in the proper HTML format.

25 05 2009

Damit random generator 😛
I played first round against hencox …
Anyway that was a cool competition, and watching the final on the big-screen created a great atmosphere !

25 05 2009

It is Grazey , not Crazey, with a G 😛

But beside a nice report! Looking forward to the final score table too, I only remember that I lost closely to Grazey in the second half….

25 05 2009
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