Ballgeschiebe (STOT #2/22: Starball)

19 07 2009

Cause there are so many great games from the Uk, the idea was to choose a PD game from the UK or Ireland for Round 22 of the STOT. SkylineDave suggest a game written by himself, but did not found a working copy, so StickHeads suggestion: Starball was the game.


I remembered the game most of it’s great graphics and technics that were really outstanding for a PD game, but I also relembered, that I never enjoyed the game. One reason also was that Obsession was simply easier to get into (at least the rally table).

Now after a week playing Starball, I’m happy that we choosed the game, because I more and more like it, and I allready see that it’s not comparable with Obsession beside the fact that both are pinnball games.

Starball are 3 flippertables scrolling vertical. You start in table two and could fall down to table one or push the ball into table one. The physics aren’t that smooth but after a while you didn’t notice that anymore. In each table you have to fullfill differnt tasks, and the game is full of extras. In table two for example a spaceship is build tile after tile when you playing in that table. In the end you have to shoot the ball into the jet engine. There are also a lot of minigames in the game, for example a space invaders, a breakout, etc. All this ensures, that there is a lot of action going on. Of course the main task for the player is to get used to special shoot to reproduce actions. I was able to manage to learn how to get from table 3 to table 2 so that in the end I had long games, even that my score is still low compared to some other players.


So once again the STOT fullfill it’s mission. I dig into a game I did not liked before and in the end I’m a fan of it, and I enjoyed the competition.


Offline Gamer Issue July 2009

5 07 2009
we played today



July 2009

STOT #2/21 game selection started: PD Gems
of Britania or Hibernia
After some rounds where we
tried to find a unknown gem from a special country, this time it should
be a PD game from the UK or Ireland.

your suggestion in this ATARI-Forum Thread
STOT #2/20 is running: r0x
r0x This
time we play the first new game of this season: r0x by RGCD. The
mission is to avoid the asteroids and to gain points. Happy gaming.
the STOT on
this ATARI-Forum Thread
STOT #2/19: Intruder finished
victory by Xerus.
Thread Results
Intruder by Ubi Soft
Name Intruder
Publisher Ubi-Soft
Released 1989
Genre Shooter
System ATARI
of Players
Game play
You control a space ship
and shoot your way through various levels. When you shoot a target, its
replaced by a bonus. Bonus could be bonus points, bonus multiplier,
energy, weapon upgrade or weapon downgrade. This bonus system is the
unique thing on Intruder. You have to think about the weapon you want
to use, and there are a lot of them each with advantages and
disadvantages. Also the bonus need to be changed to real score by pick
up a bonus synbol. But you have to take care that you have the x5
multiplier at that time. The energy could be refreshed either by bonus
or by docking to energy refreher.
Level design
You could not refresh your
energy all the time of course
and its also enshured, that you better change the weapon from time to
time because some weapons turn the ship into a much bigger one so that
it will have problems to fly between some obstacles.
I got into this “one more”
mood. After a while you only loose energy because of obstacles (at
least in the early levels) and so you allways have the feeling, that
you could do better, or that you maybe should use anoterh weapon.Also a great idea, that you maybe collect a lot of bonus points, but
you have to change them to real points by pick up a bonus symbol that
appears not that often of course. And you have to avoid to downgrad
your bonus multiplier, so you can’t pick up all the bonus stuff flying

You also have to avoid immediately downgrad your weapon after you
upgrade it, because the downgrade egg appeary short after a upgrade egg.

Indeed a nice game.
It could use a bit better scrolling indeed but seeing that it uses some
really big sprites…

tad too laggy and
way too hectic for my taste but the graphics surely look nice.
A great game
game has nice
graphics, and some nice attack waves

The game rocks. It’s really great to play this unknown gem. Many thanks
to Xerus for the selection. I think that this is the game Steve Bak
would liked to code when he thought about a side scroller as a
Goldrunners follow up.

The graphics are great, and the shot sound is not annoying, I simply
like the game

found a trick
(too late), don’t move if you are attracted by a piece of landscape !

Game classifications

5 07 2009

Back in the good old days, I remember that the “Happy Computer” or the “Powerplay” magazine started to have a picture of the game tester in the review. This was a great idea, because the tester had less space, so he had less to write. It was also funny. Later I found out that it was of course copied from the CV+G magazine, but who cares.

The Wiesbaden Gaming Lab once also started to have this pictures, but they seems to be lost, so it’s time to start again.

In germany we have school markes from 1 to 6 means from very good to bad. So I did 6 pictures representing these school marks. Would be nice to get pictures like them from the other STOT players as well or from anybody else.