The digital version of the “Shame of Gijon”

28 09 2009

At the Bavarian Championship 2009, we had the situation, that Jörg (Germany) and Norbert (Austria) played their last match against each other, and if they would have scored a draw, both would have avoided the game of shame, because in that case Carlos (not Algeria 🙂 would have been in the game of shame. It was nearly the same situation as in 1982 during the WC in Spain, when Germany played against Austria. 1982 the game later was called “the shame of Gijon” because both deams did not tried to score a goal for nearly 80 minutes.

Afer the first half it was a 0-0 and I was able to do this historical photo, showing that both teams played lockout, which is the most defensive one in Kick Off 2.

The final result of the game was 2-0 fo Jörg, so in the second half it was a different plot than 1982 🙂


The dizzes were casted

10 09 2009

Once Ceasar said alea iacta est. And here are the results of the voting phase for season #3 of the ST Offline Tournament:

This time we setup a list of games before the season. We will see if that helps us. Next is to choose the order of the games. I only had to interfeer in two cases, to ensure, that special competitions could become possible. I had to put Arkanoid into the list, to make it possible to play a game that exist on nearly all plattforms with other offline tournaments. I also put Blox into the list, because Tetris was the only round I won so far 🙂 and we had a lack of puzzle games in the list as well.

My first emulator for my media center is configured

8 09 2009

I just setup a media center. The first steps has been setting up a linux, installing MythTV and then installing and configurating Hatari. Well it works perfect. Here some pictures:

Continental Circus played with Hatari

MythTV showing the only one ATARI ST disk image uploaded so far

MythTV showing the only one ATARI ST disk image uploaded so far