The Kick Off World Championship 2009 in Voitsberg / Styria (Austria)

17 11 2009

Once again I was in Voitsberg, once again it was a great time.


In the end I scores 27th of 34 players.

The citificate of the 27th place

I scored 3rd in the Fun Cup, so one position better than last year in Athens. I’m satisfied, even that Armin K who scored 4th would have deserved to be 3rd.

Games worth to mention:

Day 1: Group C (a.k.a. The German Group)

Thorsten B – Armin K. 3-2

My first game ever I won on day 1. I was really bad, but I had luck, beside the historic dimension of the game we should forget it asap.

Thorsten B – Armin K. 3-0

My first victory on day 1 I’m proud of. This time I was happy with my play, and finally I think a big burden was falling away from me.

Thorsten B – Volker B 2-5

3 goals in the first 30 second, what  a disaster. But I did not surrender and I think it was more the missing goals in the 2nd half that causes the result.

Thorsten B – Alex B 2-3

Dammit, this were 2 lost points, I was really close to score a point or more.

Thorsten B – Tommaso R 0-2

Tommaso was already 2-0 in the lead, when I got a penalty. It was the Amiga, so I said “No No No”, and Tommaso shoot the goal into the clouds. That is fair play, respect respect and respect again to Tommaso.

Thorsten B – Tommaso R 1-1

As you read before, Tommaso is a real fair play sportsman. My way to say Thank you were endless fouls. Ok his answer to my 1-0 was a lob, but that is no excuse for my shitty unfairness. I still feel ashamed, hope that he could forgive me.

Thorsten B – Gianni T 3-10

As always Gianni played with 30% but it was enough for me 🙂 But I was able to score 2 nice goals. My first “Steve Evil Flanken Tor” for example. Was satisfied because of the goals.

Thorsten B- Ektoras K 0-6

After the 0-4 I really fought well and was able to loose only 0-6. Was satisfied with my defence (was the last game I was satisfied with my defence).

Bronze Cup

Thorsten B – Armin K  0-6

Armin played better and in the end every shoot was a goal. Well he deserved the victory and concratulation once again.

Thorsten B – Harald B 2-6

Like the game against Armin, there was no aggression in my play and Harald was really effective this time. Well after the 0-5 I really started to play and I scored 2 goals and then I missed a penalty, was satisfied with the 2nd half, but next time I have to be awake from the beginning

Thorsten B – Mark W 2-1

What a lucky win. After my 2-1 I did nothing and the rest of the game (7 minutes?) Mark hit everything but not inside the goal. I could say good defended, but no, Mark simply had no luck at all.

Thorsten B – Michael Ma 2-1

Another lucky game. Mike scored the 1-0, I answered with a routine goal. Maybe the referee was not on my side, but I lost 2 players due to red cards, so I chanced to lockout and surprise surprise I scored a goal. A narrow angel goal of course 🙂

Thorsten B – Helmut H 2-2

After Helmut was leading 2-0, I did a good fight and reached a 2-2. I look forward for the next game against him, cause these close games are always the most interesting ones.

Thorsten B – Michael F 5-0

Michael was not able to use one of my many presents, so finally I scored and in the end it was a easy win. But of course Michael had to organizer stress to master, so come on, you will be better next time.

Thorsten B – Astrid L 6-0

Was my first game, and I was effective in this game. Astrid should try to press the button more often in the defence.

Thorsten B – Andreas “World greatest shamie” KL 8-0

I was a little bit empty in the head, so I simply don’t think and only play and it works.

Lessons Learned:

  • My combinations are becoming better
  • My defence has to be more concentrated
  • Silver Cup is a reachable target
  • I could be really unfair (shame)

Beside the games:

  • Glühmost rulez
  • Dieter (Robert) will be a good ambassador of the German language in Abu Dhabi
  • I also sign the petition “More WAG’s to come to the WC”

Thanks to Michael, Walter, Wolfgang and the other organizers to do this great tournament. Was a great time in Voitsberg

Here are some stuff I got for my collection of retro party stuff:

The tournament badge

The particiapting medal

The entrence present

Here are 2 pictures for my upcoming collection of “stuff worth to taste at retro parties”:

Naturtrüber Apfelsaftschorle

Mini Baumstämme


e-jagfest results

8 11 2009

Yesterday, I organized some competitions at the e-jagfest 2009. This year we had a record of visitors and also the competitions were crowded with participants.

Here are the results:

Checkered Flag European Championship 2009

Grenzüberschreitung European Championship 2009

Club Drive European Championship 2009

Due to the competitions, I got some gadgets from some friends or bought them.

Pictures will follow as soon as I get them. A report is planed for the next Low Res magazin.

Shamie picture

1 11 2009

Thanks to Oliver St. I finally got my hands on a picture I was looking for since years. The moment when I scored last in the Kick Off World Championship 2005.

Nr. 63 of 63 players. I lost all games on that weekend, except a draw Fieser Wolf / metal voze gave to me as a present.

Because I was the worst player in the tournament, I gained the title, but it’s no shame to show this event to the public, maybe that is courage.