Happy new Kick Off year / Frohes neues Kick Off Jahr

1 01 2010

Like 2 years ago Jan K and I met at newjears eve, to score the  first goal in 2010. At the KO Gathering board I tried to place some bets to become a rich man, but others could do betting tricks better than me

So after some hours of Kick Off training, some 2-3 minutes after midnight we started the game. I had kick off, and shame on me, I did a Kick Off lob and it wors, and the question was answered after 4 seconds:

First Kick Off scorer 2010: Thorsten B

First Kick Off goal 2010

But then Jan K who boast the turbo and scored 2 goals in a row. So the

First halftime winner of 2010: Jan K

Jan K's first Kick Off goal 2010

In the second half I really had to fight, but I managed a 3-2 victory in the end:

First Kick Off game winner 2010: Thorsten B

First victory 2010

After this historical moment, we need a Kick Off break and tried out some other football games.

We already played Pro Evolution Soccer 09 on the Wii I got some days before, but we failed in the second trainings session :-(. But the game looks cool, and I have to spend some more time on it.

With PES09 I also got Fifa 09, to train for the upcomming World greates Shamie tournament with WGS Andreas K. After we found out, that the good old Game Cube controllers works much better then the Wii controller, we had some nice games. Jan K scored the only goal, a penalty, but beside that we were able to get into the game a bit.

Now it was time for some football break. We load Steve Cambers Dogfight on my STE.


Last but not least, we played Sensible Soccer on the CD32. So I could say:

First Sensible soccer goal 2010: Thorsten B (own goal made by a North Ireland striker against the Republic of Irland)

Later I scored 3 real goals with Northern Irleand!

Now we had some comparissons to Kick Off, so it was time to play it again, cause Kick Off is still our favorite.

So a happy new year to all of you who read this, a lot of fair 🙂 matches in 2010.




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