RMKO März 2010 / Mannheim

21 02 2010

This time we met for the first time in Mannheim in Frank’s flat. Thanks for his hospitality.


  • The world cup (WC) will be at the 23-24th of October in Leverkusen
  • The German Champs (DM) will be at the 16-17th of October in Osnabrueck


  • We say hello to our new player called Horst L.


  • We disussed our RMKO Flyer. Now the text is finished, and you find all the context in the pages of our Blog.
  • Our new Blog http://www.npoi.de/rmko is online




Jan K,1,Thorsten B,4,
Frank F,6,Horst L,0,
Frank F,7,Jan K,0,
Horst L,0,Thorsten B,4,
Jan K,0,Horst L,0,
Thorsten B,2,Frank F,4,
Thorsten B,4,Jan K,1,
Horst L,0,Frank F,11,
Jan K,0,Frank F,12,
Thorsten B,2,Horst L,2,
Horst L,1,Jan K,1,
Frank F,7,Thorsten B,5,
Jan K,0,Thorsten B,8,
Frank F,11,Horst L,1,
Frank F,8,Jan K,0,
Horst L,1,Thorsten B,4,
Jan K,1,Horst L,2,
Thorsten B,2,Frank F,1,
Thorsten B,1,Jan K,1,
Horst L,1,Frank F,9,
Jan K,0,Frank F,6,
Thorsten B,2,Horst L,1,
Horst L,2,Jan K,1,
Frank F,9,Thorsten B,1,

After Tourny

  • We watched some 3-4 episodes of “The IT Crowd”. Thanks to Jan K for suppling the movies.



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