ThorN wins round #3/12 Bubble Ghost +

21 03 2010

This time I have to concratulate myself. I scored late and was able to beat Xerus.Not only I scored late, but also Andrew who earned a good 3rd place for his score.

ThorN’s opinion on: Bubble Ghost + average
The game is one of my favorites I have to say. The game play is really unique. You controll a ghost and you have to blow a bubble to the end of each screen. You have to avoid to colide with the bubble with the background and a lot of obstacles. In some levels you could old blow on other things like candles, or horns to turn of the candle or a ventilator.

So the gameplay is more or less explained in a few words. The graphics are great, the sound is not existing or you don’t recognize it.

The game has not that many suprises, but it’s a solid game where you have to be very accurate with your bubble to reach the next level. The faster you are, the more points you get.




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