Frank F. was very close to beat Oliver St. at the Cologne tourny

26 04 2010

Freddy organized a nice little tournament in Cologne on Sunday. Frank and I use this tournament as a training for the next international tournaments.

Cause I was to tireded, not good prepared, and last but not least, because my oponemnets were one class better than I, I lost all my games, but at least scored 3-4 goals.

Frank had a much better day, and was very close to beat Oliver St. The first game ends with a draw, and the second one 5-6 for Oliver St. So lets see what happens the next games between these two.

Freddy also played a good Kick Off, but among these two giants it was hard for him too.

Hope we see soon the group photo


Nächstes Treffen am 5.6

21 04 2010

Das nächste WGL treffen wird am 5.6 sein.

Geplant ist:

– Mega Drive retrospective (Freddy)

– Apple II Emulator (Jan)

Wenn das Wetter mitspielt soll gegrillt (Elektrogrill) werden.

Alle Retro interessierten im Rhein-Main Gebiet sind herzlich eingeladen

New round: STOT #3/15: Lethal Xcess

20 04 2010

We now play:

Name Lethal Xcess
Link to Atarimania Dugger

STOT #3/15 Lethal Xcess 621217

20 04 2010

In the actual STOT round we play Lethal Xcess, a cult shooter on the ST. The game is technical really brilliant. Well It does not have the same Wow effect as Xenon II for example, but it’s a fast game (so far) and the “yes, another try” spirit is present.

März 2010

19 04 2010

Dieses mal waren wir zu fünft, da diesmal auch Frank “Kick Off Meister” F. dabei war. Willkommen beim WGL Frank.

Freddy hatte diesmal einen Sega Saturn mitgebracht, der dann auch bei Thorsten blieb. Besonder Virtual Racing hat viel Spaß gemacht. Daneben wurd aber auch viel auf dem Jaguar gespielt.

gespielte Games (Die Links zeigen auf Videos vom Treffen)

Game System
Worms Atari Jaguar
Alien vs. Predator Atari Jaguar
Virtua Racing Sega Saturn
Iron Soldier Atari Jaguar
Checkered Flag Atari Jaguar
NBA Jan Atari Jaguar

angeschaute Demos

Demo System
Asskicker Atari XL

STOT #3/14 ThorN 66908

17 04 2010


STOT #3/14 ThorN 30676

15 04 2010