Xerus wins round #3/13: Super Cars 2

5 04 2010

Concratulation Xerus, he dominates the whole Round, and 40 points is a great result, cause winning all 7 round gets you 35 points. SSB also fought hard, but ThorN was one point better in medium level. For the first time, we multiplized the points depending on the level a player choosed. This is a interesting feature, and we will see if we could use it more often.

ThorN’s opinion on: Super Cars 2 average
When you first play the game, you will notice the great graphics and the bombastic sound. This sound is one of the key factors, that motivates you to go on and on, it really great. The game itself has a great scrolling, even in the 2 player split screen. Besides the games the mini games where you could gain or loose money or championship points looks dull in the first moment, but you find out, that even when you play a lot, they do not loop that much as you exspect.

Here some tipps:

  • Front rockets are usefull, but the most important items are the amour, to protect you from the enemy weapons.
  • For course 7 in medium level (the one with the tain) the nitro is very usefull, to avoid the train (thanks Xerus)
  • Use all your money, to avoid getting rid of it because of the cat woman or the officer



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