New high in Erik the Viking: 66650

29 07 2010


New Stot round: Erik the Viking

25 07 2010

A nice jump and run. The levels are short but challenging.

My first score 39500

Wiesbadener Sommer Cup 2010

25 07 2010

We had a great time in sunny Wiesbaden and enjoyed a lot of great Kick off games, a good barbecue and some beers and applewine.

This time we had the pleasure to had two newbies attending the tournament. While Joerg S already played in the last Frankfurt tournament, Joerg D played Kick off for the first time. We were able to organize a little warm up training for both, and in the end we could see, that both played already a nice Kick Off. They were able to stop the ball and even to score.

Due to our goal to integrate the newbies so that they enjoy the game, the seeding of the first round was done by Seeding Dictatorship: We played in two groups each player against each other. In the second round we had the two best players of each group in a Gold Cup and the two weaker players in the Silver Cup. After this second round we continue: 2 Weaker players of the Silver Cup played the game of shame, 2 Stronger players of the Silver Cup and the 2 weaker players of the Gold Cup played a quarter final. Next the 2 stronger players of the Gold Cup and the winners of the quarter final played the half final followed by the final.

Here are the results

Tournament: Wiesbadener Sommer Cup 2010
Location: Wiesbaden / Germany

Frank F / Germany
Cornelius H / Germany
Carsten P / Germany
Michael L / Germany
Horst L / Germany
Joerg D / Germany
Joerg S / Germany
Thorsten B / Germany

Round 1:

Group 1
Carsten P,5,Joerg S,0,
Joerg D,0,Thorsten B,6,
Jörg D,0,Carsten P,11,
Thorsten B,5,Jörg S,0,
Carsten P,3,Thorsten B,3,
Joerg S,0,Joerg D,0,


Group 2:
Horst L,1,Frank F,7,
Cornelius H,3,Michael L,3,
Cornelius H,3,Horst L,2,
Michael L,0,Frank F,9,
Horst L,0,Michael L,3,
Frank F,13,Cornelius H,0,


Round 2:

Gold Group:
Carsten P,1,Frank F,5,
Thorsten B,4,Michael L,0,
Thorsten B,3,Carsten P,2,
Michael L,1,Frank F,9,
Carsten P,2,Michael L,0,
Frank F,6,Thorsten B,1,


Silver Group:
Horst L,2,Joerg D,0,
Joerg S,0,Cornelius H,12,
Joerg S,1,Horst L,6,
Cornelius H,8,Joerg D,0,
Horst L,4,Cornelius H,3,
Joerg D,0,Joerg S,0,


Round 3:

Viertelfinale (Quarterfinale)
Carsten P – Cornelius H 3-0
Michael L – Horst L 2-5

Halbfinale (Halffinale)
Frank F – Horst L 7-1
Thorsten B – Carsten P 3-2

Platz 5,6 (Game for place 5 and 6) Cornelius H – Miachel L 5-0
Platz 3,4 (game for place 3 and 4) Carsten P – Horst L 4-2
Game of Shame: Joerg D – Joerg S 0-2


Here you see a snapshot of the replay of the first goal ever of Joerg S. It was the 1-0 against Joerg D. The blue player shot the goal in the right corner, and Fisher jump in the mould

Frank F – Thorsten B 4-2

RMKO goes Sensible World of Soccer

18 07 2010

This weekend Frank F and Thorsten B visit the Donatus Cup 2010 in Frohnrath near Euskirchen near Cologne (in the Eifel hills).

We wantd to find out, if the sensible scene is comparable to the Kick off scene, and we found out that it is comparable. We had a great day at the tournament and we meet a loot of friendly people.

The tournament itself started around 2 o’clock in the afternoon. We were 17 players. We had some rain in the morning, so it was not as hot as the days before and it was a great time, to play some games and sit outside and talk a bit. We also did a barbecue and some pizzas were ordered. Frohnrath is a very little village and the location was the village community centre I guess. We had everything we need there and enough space for 2 old PC systems (Windows ME) to run the PC-SWOS version.
The tournament went trough the first round. Next the players finished last in the two groups did another round, while the rest did a qualification round for the quarter finals. The players finished last in the qualification round also did a own round while the rest playing the quarter, half and final (also the game for the 3rd place). So in the end the tournament ended at 0.30 on Sunday!

Frank had no luck and was in the group with the better players. He managed to win 2 games and had some draws, but ended in the fun cup. There he managed to score no goal and so he ended last of the tournament.

Thorsten had luck and was in the easier group. There he won his first Sensible Soccer game ever and also did well in the other games. In the end he won 3 games and had some more draws. In the qualification round he had no chance at all and did not even scored a gaol, so in the end. He also finished last in the next round (but at least a goal and a draw) and finally finished 12th. A great success. The halffinals were great sport. In the final Peter had no chance against Andreas, so the favorite AndyYpsilon (Andreas) won the tournament.


My first SWOS medal

18 07 2010

SWOS = Sensible World of Soccer

Donatus Cup 2010 – PC-SWOS 96/97 – 12. Platz

V.I.P. 2010

18 07 2010

Last weekend I was at the V.I.P. demoscene party in the near of Lyon in France.

twh / taos joined me. We were 1,5 days on the road and one day at the party, but it was a very nice and relaxing party. Beside going to Lyon to have look around, we also found time, to play some old Atari XL classics like Wizard of Wor and The great American country cross race.

Unfortunately I was to tired to see the compos (damned).

But I also found time to compile Lua 5.0.3 for mint, and now also the os.execute function words when it is compiled with gcc.

Here some Pictures

My latest Cybernoid score for the STOT

18 07 2010

I managed to get into Level 2 of Cybernoid. The gameplay is really challenging and it’s still a great fun. The graphics are great and the sound is brilliant. Of course it would have been nice, to change the graphics in the different levels, but well we also have Cybernoid II 🙂

My current score is: 121780