Bayrische Meisterschaft 2010 – results

8 09 2010

1st Round:
Two groups everybody played against each other

Herbert K,0,Markus B,1,
Markus B,1,Thorsten B,6,
Thorsten B,5,Herbert K,0,

Groupe A:
Gruppe A

Norbert K,0,Martin E,0,
Martin E,0,Andreas M,1,
Andreas M,0,Norbert K,1,

Groupe B:
Gruppe B

Thorsten B – Andreas M 5-0
Markus B – Norbert K 1-0 after extra time

Game of Shame
Martin E – Herbert K 0-1 nv

Game for the 3rd place
Norbert K – Andreas M 3-0 after penalty shooting

Thorsten B – Markus B 4-0