First STOT season #4 score: 41400 (Return to Genesis)

3 10 2010

Once there was a time, when everybody around had a C64, but I sold my one and bought a ST.

It was not that easy to get some new games in these days and even the games that were available were slightly different from the C64 games: There was no scrolling.

But then Steve Bak created Goldrunner and now we had a game that was superior to the C64 and we were happy and proud of our ST.

But the evil 🙂 commodorians told us: It’s only vertical scrolling, your computer is not able to scroll horizontal. So Steve created Return to Genesis and everybody saw that the ST could scroll into all directions.

Many thanks to Steve and Peter Lyon for the graphics as well many thanks.

Great that finally after 3 years we now play on of Steve Baks creations.

Here my first score: 41400




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