New New Zealand Story Highscore at the WGL

21 11 2010

At the november issue of the WGL all players did greate scores. I managed to increase my highscore to 75622

The other scores:

FrankF 34816
Wizard 27200
NAFCOM 24150

STOT #4/3: New Zealand Story

14 11 2010

Now we are playing New Zealand Story. It’s a nice jump and run from the arcade. My first score: 43266

VSTbo 11/2010

14 11 2010

For the first time we meet in Friedrichshafen for a Video Spiel Treffen (VST) in the region Bodensee-Oberschwaben (BO).

Medals and Cups for the Checkered Flag European Championship arrived

14 11 2010

In two weeks the eJagFest 2010 will take place near Düsseldorf. Now I got the medals and cups for the Checkered Flag European Championship. This time all participants get a medal. The best 3 drives also will win a cup

The medal for all participants

The cups for the winners


Medals for the 1st NRW Championship arrived

14 11 2010

I bought some medals for the NRE Championship in two weeks.  As always anybody who attend the tourny will get one

New round: STOT #4/3 New Zealand Story

13 11 2010

Today STOT begins a new round and we play now :

Name New Zealand Story
Link to Atarimania New Zealand Story

Neue Highscore in Enduro Racer

7 11 2010

After many tries, I finally did a new high in Enduro Racer, the actual STOT game.

I scored 20’082’089

I still do not understand how the scoring system works. The fast I was the less points I got. Strange. Maybe Xerus video will help. Will watch it tomorrow