Last training in 2010

30 12 2010

Yesterday Frank and Thorsten did a last trainingsession before the traditional new year Kick off match at new years eve between Thorsten and Jan. The results were the expected ones beside 2 draws.


79500 points in Torvak the Warrior (STOT)

28 12 2010

Torvak the warrior the new STOT game (#4/5)

25 12 2010

This round we play Torvak the Warrior. It’s a misspelled ThorN the Warrior but that’s another story 🙂 You are a barbaric warrior with a huge axe and you jump and run through some levels, thats the game.

My first score: 49200

Stuff I bought at the eJagFest 2010

25 12 2010

It’s a while ago, but here is the Stuff I bouhgt at the eJagFest 2010

eJagFest 2010 stuff

VSTbo (Video Spiel Treffen Bodensee-Oberschwaben) Dezember 2010

25 12 2010

It’s a while ago, but here some photos from our meeting some days ago.

SSB and I played some ST games.

We played:

  • Thrust: Even that it was an original, it crashed all the time
  • The ultimate Arena: A great homebrew I onced distributed
  • Tipp off: The basketball version of Kick Off, was interesting, even that it was more football then Basketball, but a great game.
  • Wizards Crown: We are both no RPG freaks, so it was hard to get into
  • Roadwar 2000: Great tactic game, really intuitive
  • SWIV
  • Chubby Gristle: Not our cup of tea
  • A not so bad Fighting game, but I forgot the name

  • WGL November 2010 meeting

    5 12 2010

    With a bit of a delay, here is the WGL November meeting report.

    Attendants were:


    We started WGL this time with playing “The New Zealand story” in which a Kiwi is the main character, that was very funny and featured some unique ideas. Especially the music was ace!

    Here are the scores:
    Thorn 74k
    FrankF 34816
    Wizard 27200
    Nafcom 24150

    This time we continued the WGL differently, we wanted to also experience the bombastic German culture of Wiesbaden this time and so we attended the “Exground Film Festival” and watched the short-film competition part  2 which consisted of many short film contributations from all over the world, e.g. one from Argentina (or maybe Brazil? –  we couldn’t really figure out that tiny bit of information, sorry folks), France, Ireland and of course Germany.  Considering this was an international event, all movies were subtitled in English.

    It was pretty interesting, e.g. how milk is connected with stopping to smoke or how nasty and unlogical women who are married can be (0ne of Thorn’s faves, probably because it  was a bit bloody 😀 )

    The film maker from France also came on stage and was inquired some  bits, unfortunately he couldn’t speak English. He came with a friend who spoke German but the interviewer wasn’t willing to translate into English as it would take too much time. In the end it took way more time to see the French guy trying to speak English

    He also interviewed a few other film makers, all in all it was very interesting and a neat change!

    After that we went to the Thai express which was very delicious and very fast indeed (it took only about 5 mins per meal).

    After that we went back to Thorn’s home and played a bit  Wii Resort on the Nintendo Wii:

    Table-tennis was very nice and basketball needed a bit of training but did it well after we understood how the controls do work. Fancing was fun, it most likely like we are trying to beat air 😀

    Thorn had a bit of a trouble with steering the water ski first but once holding it in the correct angle it all worked fun 🙂

    Rowing required a bit of timing in which some failed a bit but hey it’s all about the fun, right? 🙂

    We ended with archery which was the most successful for each of us as the steering really was easy to figure out and you just needed an easy eye 🙂

    While the others went back home, Frankf, me and Thorn stayed and we played Gaunlet this time with a working tactic even! However we failed to beat the dragon in the end 😦 At 6 AM the dragon won and we took some sleep to be with enough energy for an exhausting breakfast the other day 🙂

    WGL december 2010: visit the “for amusement only” club

    5 12 2010

    The “for amusement only (FAO)” team invited us at the last HomeCon to visit their room stuffed with old Pinball tables and some arcade machines.

    The are based in Rodenbach (Mein Kinzig Kreis (MKK)) -> near Hanau / Aschaffenburg. They rent some rooms and there you for 5 Euro you could play as long as you want. They open there doors from 16’00 to 22’00 every first saturday the mounth

    More infos: