WGL goes Tron Legacy

31 01 2011

Phil is alive

31 01 2011

Cause he is bussy with his studies, Phil wasn’t that active in the last time, but it will change.

Visited him yesterday to bring him some Dreamcast games and used the time to speak about the next events. He also introducted me some games on the PS3

Cups for the Hessian Champs

30 01 2011

At the hessian champs (19.03.2011) there are two competitions. First of course the Hessian champs and 2nd as last year the RMKO cup, the internal championship of the RMKO players. Here are the cups:

Hessian Champs


ThorN scores 2450 points in Kolmik

29 01 2011

I’m really happy to say: I love this game. During my first tries, I thought, that the game is too easy and there is no strategy and I saw no sense. Without the STOT and the scores of the other participants (hi Janina) I would have stoped playing. But so I was motivated to try it again and again, and now I found out, that the game is not that easy as expected and that there is a kind of a strategy.

I mailed with ST Cooper the author of the game and he also told me:

So the main interest in kolmik is as you said, combos. You can see it as a “tetris like”, where your only goal is to do a high score. You can loose : if you only delete 1 column, you don’t have an extra move. If you delete 2 columns, you get 1 more move and so on. So if you don’t manage cleverly your tiles, you can be blocked with only wrong colours of tiles, and no ways to go further.

So avoid having only few or none tiles of each color in each row. That means that you must try to get rid of the tiles with the dominating colour and try to get new tiles from the left or right.

Here my actual score: 2450

ThorN scores 2330 in Kolmik

24 01 2011

After solving the problem, that my HxC does not read a zip, I unpack the msa and it worked :-). First I again had the feeling, that this game is endless. I had about 29 moves left. But suddenly they were gone and so after 2330 points the game was over. So it looks like after a while you only have one color in one line and that is not good. So I need further investigation to understand the game. ST Cooper wrote to me, that the aim of the game is to make combos. It’s like tetris, if you get one move per action you continue, if not, after a while the game is over

Mittwinter meeting 2010

23 01 2011

Again a nice events. Cold as always. The traditional snow was not as bas as last year. Playing “Achtung Kurve” on the Z80 machine was nice.

HomeCon 10

23 01 2011