Newyears eve kick 2011 – Neujahrskick 2011

8 01 2011

Once again we follow our tradition “Kick Off statt Böller” (no rockets but Kick Off). This time we did not hesitate and first watch some movies, but after a while it was time for a Kick Off tournament.

The participants:

  • Frank  F
  • Thorsten B
  • Jan K
  • Jörg D

Like every year, I first played agaisnt Jan. And once again I managed to score the first Goal in 2011. I won 4-1. After the first goal 2011, I did the first evil lob (3-0) followed by Jan’s first goal 2011 (3-1) and my first Jawohl goal 2011.

The rest of the tournament was without any suprise.

Here the results:
Jan K,-1,Thorsten B,-1
Joerg D,0,Frank F,15
Joerg D,-1,Jan K,-1
Frank F,-1,Thorsten B,-1
Jan K,1,Frank F,11
Thorsten B,3,Joerg D,0
Thorsten B,4,Jan K,1
Frank F,-1,Joerg D,-1
Jan K,2,Joerg D,0
Thorsten B,1,Frank F,4
Frank F,-1,Jan K,-1
Joerg D,-1,Thorsten B,-1

And here the final table:




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