Wizard of Wor competition at the HomeCon 10

23 01 2011

At the 10th issue of the HomeCon Wizard and I organized a Wizard of Wor competition. We played the game on a Atari XL. 26 people participated and we had a good tournament.


My first score: 1530

23 01 2011

ThorN scores 1530

Score for STOT #4/6 Kolmik

21 01 2011

SSB's score of 1410 at Kolmik (Atari ST)

SSB scores 1410 in easy mode today.

Munich also have a VST

20 01 2011

twh just told me, that he met with friends to play Ms. PacMan on the Atari XL, they were 3 guys altogether. They posted their score at the Atari Age 8 Bit HSC and as a reply another Munich player replied. So hopefully they find time to meet again. Would be nice to go to Munich from time to time for retrogaming.

Atari Forum is back online

18 01 2011

Hipp Hipp Hurra!!

www.Atari-forum.com is back online. After serious problems of the hosters now AF is back again. We all cross our fingers, that it won’t have these problems again.

Atari-Forum is back online

18 01 2011
Atari-Forum Logo

Atari-Forum Logo

Atari-Forum is back online. However all data since beginning of December 2010 has been lost including any scores and updates for Hacman and Torvak The Warrior. Let’s hope it stay up from now.

Big thanks to Dal for managing to bring the backup online!

New round: STOT #4/6 Kolmik

15 01 2011

In the list for round #6 was Sleepwalker, but not only because the King of pop is dead, we decided to play something else. Cause Paradize released a new ST game, of course the STOT do a round with it. Here it is:


You could download the game here

or download the Kolmik Deluxe Edition by Paradize.msa done by SSB for the STOT

We hope you enjoy the game and have fun.

This round ends: at the 5th of February

We play Kolmik in EASY MODE. Just press F1 at the menu!