First video gaming meeting in the south western region coming up next weekend

13 02 2011

Saturday the 19th we will have our first Video Spiel Treffen (VST) in the south-west region (mainly Baden-Württemberg). The meeting will be in Esslingen and we expect 7-8 people to come. After the idea was born, we got much more feedback then we expected, so we had to stop a public invitation due to the fact that we run out of space. So we all looking forward for a nice gaming evening and we will see what else could be done in the future.

The idea of the meeting is to play multiplayer retro games. Therefore we get together some fine retro machines like:

  • Atari XL
  • Atari Falcon 030
  • Commodore C64
  • Z80project
  • Nintendo Game Cube
  • Sega Dramcast

Cause multiplayer games mean, that most of the people are playing, we could concentrate on some games. The current list looks like:

  • Achtung Kurve (Z80project)
  • Dynabusters+ (Atari Falcon 030)
  • Mario Soccer (Game Cube)
  • Multi Cervi (Atari XL)
  • Bombmania (C64)
  • Gauntlet Adventures (Dreamcast)

Beside gaming we hopefully get an idea how to do a meeting so that more people could participate, but first we have to do one meeting and we have to game a lot 🙂


ThorN scores 57500 in Leander

10 02 2011

Just reached Level 5. Got 57500 points

Again the STOT effect. Did not liked the game before, love it now. The caves are the real interesting in the game.

Retro Fair in Appeldoorn

6 02 2011

Das WGL wird auf der Retro Fair in Appeldorn am 06.03 einen eigenen Stand haben, um ein paar Sachen zu verkaufen. Die Liste der Aussteller ist ja wirklich imposant. Vielleicht kann man ja noch den einen oder anderen dort begrüßen


FAO 02/2011

6 02 2011

STOT #4/7: Leander

6 02 2011

On Februaray 5th STOT started a new round and we play now :

Name Leander
Link to Atarimania Leander

No cheats, no passwords. Play from Level 1.

Finaly I beat the leading score: 4610 points in Kolmik

1 02 2011

My new high: 4610