Hessische Kick Off 2 Meisterschaft 2011 Ergebnisse

21 03 2011

Qualification Round
Juan S,3,Holger H,0,
Thorsten B,2,Horst L,2,
Frank F,11,Jan K,1,
Cornelius H,9,Mark F,0,
Oliver St,7,Volker B,2,
Joerg S,1,Joerg D,0,
Thorsten B,6,Juan S,1,
Frank F,11,Holger H,0,
Cornelius H,2,Horst L,1,
Oliver St,11,Jan K,0,
Joerg S,2,Mark F,0,
Joerg D,1,Volker B,8,
Juan S,0,Frank F,10,
Cornelius H,2,Thorsten B,4,
Oliver St,10,Holger H,0,
Joerg S,0,Horst L,3,
Joerg D,0,Jan K,3,
Volker B,7,Mark F,0,
Cornelius H,5,Juan S,0,
Oliver St,4,Frank F,3,
Joerg S,0,Thorsten B,7,
Joerg D,0,Holger H,1,
Volker B,3,Horst L,2,
Mark F,1,Jan K,2,
Juan S,1,Oliver St,9,
Joerg S,0,Cornelius H,9,
Joerg D,0,Frank F,11,
Volker B,3,Thorsten B,3,
Mark F,1,Holger H,1,
Jan K,1,Horst L,6,
Joerg S,2,Juan S,1,
Joerg D,0,Oliver St,16,
Volker B,3,Cornelius H,4,
Mark F,0,Frank F,11,
Jan K,0,Thorsten B,5,
Horst L,6,Holger H,0,
Juan S,3,Joerg D,0,
Volker B,7,Joerg S,0,
Mark F,0,Oliver St,22,
Jan K,0,Cornelius H,7,
Horst L,0,Frank F,8,
Holger H,0,Thorsten B,10,
Volker B,4,Juan S,2,
Mark F,1,Joerg D,0,
Jan K,0,Joerg S,0,
Horst L,1,Oliver St,10,
Holger H,0,Cornelius H,10,
Thorsten B,3,Frank F,7,
Juan S,1,Mark F,1,
Jan K,1,Volker B,5,
Horst L,5,Joerg D,0,
Holger H,1,Joerg S,2,
Thorsten B,0,Oliver St,7,
Frank F,10,Cornelius H,1,
Jan K,2,Juan S,2,
Horst L,10,Mark F,0,
Holger H,0,Volker B,5,
Thorsten B,11,Joerg D,0,
Frank F,11,Joerg S,0,
Cornelius H,1,Oliver St,11,
Juan S,0,Horst L,5,
Holger H,0,Jan K,0,
Thorsten B,5,Mark F,0,
Frank F,10,Volker B,4,
Cornelius H,9,Joerg D,0,
Oliver St,11,Joerg S,0,

Qualification round table


Fun Cup
Joerg S,0,Joerg D,0,
Mark F,1,Jan K,7,
Holger H,0,Juan S,0,
Mark F,0,Joerg S,0,
Holger H,0,Joerg D,3,
Juan S,2,Jan K,2,
Joerg S,1,Holger H,0,
Juan S,1,Mark F,1,
Jan K,3,Joerg D,0,
Juan S,3,Joerg S,0,
Jan K,1,Holger H,1,
Joerg D,0,Mark F,0,
Joerg S,0,Jan K,3,
Joerg D,1,Juan S,2,
Mark F,1,Holger H,2,

Fun Cup Table

Game for the 1st position in the seeding
Oliver St – Frank F 11-0

Thorsten B – Volker B 0-2
Cornelius H – Horst L 3-4

Half Final
Volker B – Oliver St 4-5
Frank F – Horst L 5-1

Game for place 5
Cornelius H – Thorsten B 3-8

Game for place 3
Horst L – Volker B 1-4

Oliver St – Frank F 2-1




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