Linux Mint landed on my desktop

1 06 2013

Today I installed Linux Mint 15 (LM) codename “Olivia”. After playing around some minutes, I decided, that this OS is my favorite desktop OS atm.

Linux Mint

I have Windows 8 installed on my main laptop and Ubuntu 13.10 installed on my NetLap. Now Linux Mint 15 is also installed on my NetLap and I will discover, how many daily tasks I could manage with Linux mint, and what task are better managed with other devices.

The reasons I chose Linux mint were:

  •  In Nemo (Nautilus clone) it’s so easy to get a second window. Simply press F3. In Nautilus (Gnome) and in Explorer (Windows) that’s no possible or more complicated, or I’m to stupid.
  • The controll center is ootb better organized than in Ubuntu. I did not find the autostart configruation in Ubuntu last time I searched for example. in LM it’s ootb simple present.
  • It’s really fast compared to Ubuntu on the same hardware
  • The sound works ootb. Don’t know why it does not work under Ubuntu, cause it did on other installations on the same hardware before.

These were my first impressions. Most imporant, it really makes fun again to work with this machine, something I missed with Ubuntu 13.10 and something that is gone with Windows 8




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