OFAM 2014 Friday

27 09 2014

This year OFAM, the 10th anniversary of the event started around 6 o’clock when Mr.XY and I met in Sossenheim. We decided to take the A66 via Fulda to pass by the traditional traffic jams around Würzburg. The road works on the A66 around Neuhof are finished and for the first time we drove straight from Hanau to Fulda. Good start.

Next our stadard stop at the Burger King in Schweinfuhrt took place. Some funny moments with moving queues (we had luck and stand in the right one) and another double burger for free happend, but nothing special

Mr.XY had to learn, that it’s called “Das OFAM” and not “Die OFAM”. He is already very old, but I don’t give up hope for time to overcome this problem.

This time, the OFAM take place in a former school direct opposite the church. It was a little bit tricky to drive, but we got a parking place direct in front of it. Really strange to see a “Martin Luther” School in catholic Bavaria, but even there the (or some) clocks are turning forward.

Inside a buch of 10 people were alreay there eating traditonal Atarifahrt food like stinking Pizza. So we decided to not unpack in a hurry but unpack in 2 terms so that we could sit outsite under a tree in front of the church for a while. While we were sitting, some more people arrive, and we could explain them where to park.

After build up my Falcon I was able to get some missing parts like the VGA Adapter and a Mouse from friendly party people. I also get a NetUSB so my network was running, and I could save 2 old games of mine to my Linx machine. I also found the rest of my games, so espect some more files on this site soon.

Gagga who sit next to me forced me to show hidden .tSCc. gems like Project Vögeln. Always impressing to see it again after some month. One day I have to finish it.

I also demonstrated Spitzenreiter III and found out, that there are some good reasons to release a 20xx Edition of it. Maybe something for the next decadede.

Gagga was playing some link games on the ST together with Heinz. Heinz is a notorious Atari Gamer, but he never played Stunt Car Racer, so he had the chance to fill a gab in his life.
Still a great game. Beside SCR they played Lotus II a lot.

Insane had the idear that Subversion is also a link game, and for the next hours 3 people where busy transfering the files from one SD Card to another to find a way to create a Disk from the HFE or ST image. My Network was ok, so I was happy not to had that Problem.

Around 2 o’clock I went to bed. Good start, more to come


My new retro corner.

24 09 2014

After 2 years of auctions on ebay and giveaways to good friends, I finally reached the bottom line of my retro stuff. The things I still have are more or less the stuff I wanted to have and the stuff I will use. It was not that easy to give away some parts, but even some falcons found got hands and one is enough.

In my new flat in Frankfurt I build up only one Billy cupboard (and 2 Benno CD cupboards). Thanks to Sijmen and Sandra I was able to get most of the original boxes in the past month, so I could put all the stuff in original boxes and no  (or not that many) cables flying around.


On the other side of the room I build up a monitor and little table with a Jaguar and a Raspberry Pie that could emulate an ST. Hope I find time to sit on my gamer chair and play a round Xenon II Megaplast soon.


Here you could better see the Jaguar as well as the Raspberry Pie.


Unity Sidebar finaly works fine

12 09 2014

I installed ubuntu 14.04 two weeks ago on my Thinkpad. This time I choosed the option to let the Unity sidebar slite out if not needed. And suprise, suprise it works fine. Before it often hangs, but now it works as designed. Well done Ubuntu.