Gotek drive replacement finally is installed

10 01 2016

Today I finally installed the Gotek disk drive replacement in my Falcon.

It fit’s damned nice into the Falcon. The colour fits much better than the floppy drive that was there before.


Maybe the last disk drive I ever used

10 01 2016

Today I removed the broken disk drive from my Falcon. It’s maybe the last disk drive I every used. So from 1986 untill 2016 I used disk drives or at least owned broken ones 🙂 30 years is a long time.

It begun with a Commodore 1541 5.25 inch floppy on a C64.

Next was a Atari SF354 Single Sided 3,5 inch floppy drive for the 520 STFM.

For the same computer I upgraded to a Atari SF 314 Double Sided floppy.

My Atari Falcon 030 came with a HD drive. I forgot all the PC 5.25 and 3.5 inch drives in between. I remember that I once bought an usb floppy drive for the PC.

The one I removed today was the 3rd floppy drive for the Falcon.


After about 20 years I removed the screeneye from my Falcon

10 01 2016

I got the screeneye camera capture card for the falcon a long time ago, but did not much with it. During the creation of Grenzüberschreitung, I got the idea to use it to make photos of people who want to participate before we start so that I have enough time to include them into the gamer database.

I did this 2-3 times and yes it worked, but it took ages to get the photos together, cut them into 20×20 pices in Rainbow II Multimedia and them transfer them into the gamer database.

Pep / SAK  later gave me a very small camera so I tested this again, but because with a handy nowadays everything is much faster, the screeneye wasn’t used since years.

The reason I removed it today was that I’m bored of have the cable in the way all the time I put my falcon out of the cuboard and back into it.

It will now go the way down in the cellar to be covered with dust. As far as I remember I also still have the original case.