Software defines the fun, not hardware

10 06 2019

I have a lot of hardware at home to play games on:
– Consoles
– PC
– Atari 8-16-32-64Bit
– Handhelds
But finding time to really play a game is a difficult task. Most often I don’t like to spend time building up and configure the stuff. I simply like to put a device in my and a start playing.

So I had the feeling, that I did not play as much as I like to do. That changed after I bought Tetris99 for the Nintendo Switch. It was not the hardware, cause the console was laying around for a month, it was the software. I had (and still have) a GameBoy back in the days with only one game: Tetris. I played it like hell cause it’s simply the best game with this “one more time” motivation. Same with Tetri99 on the Switch. I play now much more than before.