My first ATARI ST shrine

22 04 2009

I used Frog, my CT60 bosted Falcon and Pivo another Falcon of mine as the table legs. Then I put a wooden board on top of them and put my ATARI 520 STM bought in 1987 on top of them. That’s a shrine. I also good some ideas to pimp it even more.


Live of Frog: Day one the rebirth

26 12 2007

Frog is my Falcon 030 computer. It’s powered by a CT60. Because the CT60 is from france and there are rumours that frenchies like frog legs, I gave it this name.

I own the CT60 for years now, but it never worked as I wanted it to work, hope that now it starts working finally

And Finally Frog is back alive.

Installed easymint and most of it works.


  • German keyboard
  • Taskbar 4 beta configuration
  • Network card and configuration
  • Upload some demos
  • Create the NonConForm development environment