Build in a Gotek device in my STE

29 05 2016


Buy a Gotek that fits for the Atari ST/E

“Aktualisierte Version SFR1M44 U100 USB Floppy Drive Emulator Grau”

Buy a USB Memory Stick 4GB

Donwload HxC Firmware

Download HxC Floppy Emulator Manager Software

Prepare Gotek

Upgrade the gotek firmware to the latest version

See HxC manuals for details

Set Jumper to S1

The jumpers in my Gotek was set to S0 (2nd row of pins). I set it to S1. This is the 3rd row of pins.

Build in the Gotek

Attention!!: The floppy cable will be twisted in the end. The red line on the cable show line 1, be carefull to connect the cable in the right way.



I replaced a HxC USB device that I had to connect to my PC (in the forground). In the STE the gotek is installed and the SD Memory stick is pluged in.

Prepare USB Memory Stick

Format the Memory Stick as one single FAT32 Partition

A good tool to do that is gparted under Linux


Put HxC files on the USB memory stick

Copy these two files from the HxC FLoppy Emulator Manager Package into the root of the USB Memory Stick (no folders on the memory stick are necessary at all)


Add Some ST Game Images to the USB Memory Stick

A good start is here:

Download an image and save it into the root of the USB Memory Stick

Now you have at least 3 files (image and thw tow HxC files) in the root of the memory stick.


Start a Game

Choose an ST Image from the File Selector

Choose a USB Memory Stick Slot for the Image

Press F10 to Save and Exit

See HxC manuals for details

The ST will reboot and the LEDs on the Gotek will show 1.
The ST will boot the image and everythng behave like a floppy Disk is inserted into a floppy drive


Have fun


HXC Floppy Emulator inside my STE

3 05 2009

A while ago, when I got my SD Card Floppy Emulator for my Mega STE, I also heard about the HXC Floppy Emulator. Some weeks ago, Newa told me, that he bought two of them, and he was so kind and give on of them to me for 75 Euro.

Yesterday we build it in SiThfrEak my ATARI 1040 STE. You have to connect the HXC to the floppy cable and that’s all on the STE side.

A first booting of the STE shows the espected green Desktop. If there is no floppy anymore, so there are no icons left on the Desktop. Fine

Next was to prepare a PC. Because we are both lamers, we hesitate to try it with Linux and use Windows instead. Shame on us. So we installed the software from the webpage and started the program. Next we connect a USB cable from the PC to the HXC and drag a disk image to the running program. But nothing happend.

Well on LED on the HXC was on, so we see that there was power. So we had a look on the online manual again. Well it’s mostly in french, but there are a step by step explanaition in pictures, so we estimate that we had to install a driver before we could use the PC programm.

So we download the driver and installed it. Restart the programm, drag the disk image again, and reboot the STE. And it works. Great.

Now years after the SIO2PC we have something similar on the ST, great work. The Floppy Emulator also work on a lot of other computers like Speccy, Amiga, CPC etc.

I hope to get another one for my Amiga.

SiThfrEak incarnates

3 05 2009

Today I give the name SiThfrEak to my Atari 1040 STE. SiThfrEak is a good friend of mine since the day I got it from Jabba. Jabba said, do you wants a 1040 STE 4MB (ok some keys does not work) for free? I said of course, so what’s the catch? Well Jabba said, you habe to take two boxes of spectrum incuding a speccy and a ZX81 as well.

I said no problem. Well of course it toke some time to get it into my car, and I took me some days to get an overview what kind of speccy stuff I got. It was a ugly replacement keyboard with a speccy mainboard and nearly every extention that was available for the maschine and a nice ZX81 with also nearly every extention available on this planed. Also a lot of software.

Later I get ride of the speccy and ZX81 (sorry I had no space anymore) and gave it to CAS/RAF. But I still own some of the games. And SiThfrEak of course who was more or less the carrot to give the speccy stuff in good hands.

So welcome on Irataria SiThfrEak