Thors scores 226650 in Pang (very difficult) – STOT classics (#1/1)

28 07 2011

New high in Turbo Cup: 2’36’4

28 06 2011

Finally I was able to be Dal’s great score of 2’38’0 at Many Cours. I started with a 1’20’4 in the Quali. That meant 2nd at the start. Top speed into curve on and I entered the pole. Only made one mistake and alsways stayed on top. Finally after 2’36’4 I finished first.

Won the track in Turbo Cup (STOT #4/12)

18 06 2011

After a hard fight, car by car in the last curve and until we crossed the line, I finally won the “Magny Cours” track. My time was 2’43’2. Not bad. Found out, that driving at the edge of the track does not slow me down and It saves time in the curves.

Xerus won Torvak the Warrior STOT round

15 01 2011

Concratulation to Xerus. Unfortunately cause AF is down, we can’t see his score. So here only the final result:

  1. Xerus
  2. ThorN
  3. SSB

We all cross our fingers cross, that AF is up and running soon.

79500 points in Torvak the Warrior (STOT)

28 12 2010

Torvak the warrior the new STOT game (#4/5)

25 12 2010

This round we play Torvak the Warrior. It’s a misspelled ThorN the Warrior but that’s another story 🙂 You are a barbaric warrior with a huge axe and you jump and run through some levels, thats the game.

My first score: 49200

New STOT round: Mrs. Munchie

5 12 2010

This time we play a PD classic from 1992. The game was done by Robert Dytmire and the graphics are by Dave Munsie.

My first score: 160’200