Write local, aggregate global

1 01 2011

Some years ago I got in touch with a local Chaos Computer Club section from Heidelberg. I liked their way to aggregate all the blogs of the member to one site, so that you could see what’s going on in this section.

Because of the software they use or what ever the reason was, it is called planet. Such a planet exist also for a lot of other groups.

What I liked most on it is the fact that everybody has it’s own blog and so everybody controls what he like to share with the rest of the word. Then in the next step, these blogs could (but not need to) be aggregated to some group news sites. They even could aggregated to more then one site, that’s the good think, but it’s only a summary of the blog entry, the blog itself is still under control of the owner.

Some days ago I spoke with Hessi, the maintainer of the HomeCon.net site. I suggest to do such a planet, and 2 hours later my blogs (Videospielkrieger, RMKO, STOT, WGL) are now aggregated into a planet HomeCon. Great. Many thanks Hessi for doing the work to setup and integrate the software.

This is a step forward for my blogs, but other steps should follow.
Get more people add their blog to the planet.
Find other regional retro meetings and get them to have such a planet as well
Do another aggregation of all the retro meeting planets

That sound easy, technically no problem, but it will take years from my experiences. But I keep my fingers cross, that there will be some more steps forward