1. Baden Wuerttembergische Kick Off 2 Meisterschaft – impressions

3 10 2010

The tournament took place at the Classic Computing 2010 in Altensteig / Schwarzwald (Black Forest). The meeting is the anual club meeting of a club that preserves old computers.

We enjoyed the tournament a lot cause this time, we build up only one computer. That means, that while two players were playing, the others watched the game and commented it 🙂

Frank F
The best german player was a class of it’s own again. Well deserved victory.

Horst L
When I play against Horst, I’m able to dominate the game, but each mistake is normaly a gaol. Horst is really a tough guy when it comes to score a goal. When he played against the two Jörg’s, he was able to score some nice goals, that shows he increasing variety in the offence.

Jörg S
Jörg scored the highest victory ever: 4-1 against Jörg D. Concratulation.

Jörg D
Jörg did his first Victory! 2-0 against Jörg S. Concratulation


KO2 is back in the eSports

4 07 2010

We got in touch with Gaetano, the organizer of the Olymptronica event in Frankfurt some mounth ago thanks to bmX the organizer of the eJagFest Europe. Cause the Olymtronica will be later the year, we took the chance to take part in another event Gaetano organized, the Frankfurt Summer games.

For the first time, the RMKO team joined a gaming event with other communities. It was something new to us, to play together with Tekken and Super Browl players at the same event, and we enjoyed it and we will do this again when the next gaming meeting will be.

The event took place in the university of applied science (Fachhochschule) in Frankfurt. Cause the were still some exams going on, we also had some audience of normal stundents.

After building up our stuff, we did some training sessions and explained KO2 to the people who showed interest. Most of them of course were a little bit older than the “normal” student, but a lot people remember the game as a great one.


Horst & Jörg playing KO2


Jan showed his magic tricks

The other communities also were training for their tournaments. We hoped to join a Mario Karts tournament, but the Super Browl tournament took to long and so we have to wait for the next issue.


Super Smash Bros. Brawl


Tekken (PS3)

At the HomeCon we got in touch with Jörg already, and he announced his participation a day before at Facebook, so this time we were 5 players in the tournament.


ThorN, Horst, Frank, Neewalix, Jörg

The tournament had not one suprise, even that the games of the weaker players were all challenging. Frank once again won the tournament, Thorsten scored 2nd, Horst 3rd, Jan 4th and Jörg 5th.

Jörg was a complete beginner and he learned fast so that in his last match he already did some nice combinations and stopping the ball already worked quite well. So we hope to see him at the next tournaments as well.


Jörg’s Adventures

Before the event we arranged that 1 hour before the WC game Argentina against Germany, we would do a show match with this teams as a KO2 game. So at 15’00 o’clock we plug in our Amiga 1200 to the beamer and Horst played Argentina and Thorsten played Germany. Now that we know the real result (0-4) it is amazing, that we had the same result in the game as well. Even that it ended 2-5 for Germany the game really had a lot of similarities. 4-0 against Argentina nobody would have said this result before, that was a great victory for Germany and so it was a great KO2 game as well.

Beside the eSport tournamenty and the public viewing (dear english native speakers: in dinglish this means that a game is broadcasted at a public place, so that many people could watch it) the local robotic football team of the University of Frankfurt also showed their game. They seemed to have bigger problems with the heat (nearly 40 degree) so I did not see that many actions of them, but the next winter comes for sure 🙂

So many thanks to Gaetano for this great event and thanks to all the people show showed their interest in KO2

Hessian Kick Off Champs 2010 impressions

11 04 2010

The modus

We tried out something new with the gold and silver group in round 2, and it was a great success. The idea of this modus was to have more games between players of the same level, and exactly that happened. Also interesting, that both silver cup players later beat the gold cup players in the quarter final, so they stayed in the tournament longer even that they played in the silver cup.

The new KOA version 1.0.4

The new version is really nice to play. In the end most of us decide, that yes,yes,yes is a nice selection. Many thanks to Steve and all the others who made this enhancements possible.

The players

Frank F

He was once again a class of it’s own. But there were less double digit results this time, so even that he is far ahead of the others, all the others learn from him.

Volker B

He played as expected. In the final it was hard for him to loose with a double digit result.

Carsten P

While he started badly in the first round and had some surprising resuls in the silver cup, finally he managed to win against his Siebengebirge team mate Cornelius and then beat Thorsten, so that he will be very happy with the result. Rumours said, that he will remind Cornelius from time to time on the cup he won for the 3rd place 🙂

Thorsten B

After some up and downs in both the first round and the silver cup, the quarter final against Horst when both played for the 2nd cup in the internal RMKO tournament, he showed his power. Also beside the first won against Carsten, 2 other great fights against Carsten in the silver cup and the game for the 3rd place.

Horst L

The new star on the german kick off sky. Ranked 5th in his first big tournament is a great success. Also a great game against Cornelius. Scoring 3 goals at the end was a big fight. Will be interesting to see his further results.

Cornelius H

After great results at the beginning of the tournament, in the end maybe the luck was missing.

Juan S

His efforts to become a better player showed some success. In the game of shame he was the more active player.

Jan K

Even that the silver cup was the best tournament even for Jan and also the victory against Volker in the first round, in the end he became schamie. That’s a pitty. In the game of shame he had some problems to use his better gameplay to dictate the game, so in