My new retro corner.

24 09 2014

After 2 years of auctions on ebay and giveaways to good friends, I finally reached the bottom line of my retro stuff. The things I still have are more or less the stuff I wanted to have and the stuff I will use. It was not that easy to give away some parts, but even some falcons found got hands and one is enough.

In my new flat in Frankfurt I build up only one Billy cupboard (and 2 Benno CD cupboards). Thanks to Sijmen and Sandra I was able to get most of the original boxes in the past month, so I could put all the stuff in original boxes and no  (or not that many) cables flying around.


On the other side of the room I build up a monitor and little table with a Jaguar and a Raspberry Pie that could emulate an ST. Hope I find time to sit on my gamer chair and play a round Xenon II Megaplast soon.


Here you could better see the Jaguar as well as the Raspberry Pie.