STOT Classics #1/11 Oids (May 2012)

1 05 2012

In May 2012 we will play the ST only classic Oids at the STOT Classics.

Oids (Atari ST)

Oids (Atari ST)

Link to Atarimania:

We will play the first galaxy (Novoids).

STOT Classics #1/4: Gods starts

3 10 2011

In October we will play Gods. This famous Bitmap brothers game is a jump and run with a story from the anicient greece.

STOT #4/18 Son Shu Shi

24 09 2011

A new round of STOT has started and it is time for another jump’n’run game, this time from France. We now play Son Shu Shi for 3 weeks:

Name Son Shu Shi
Link to Atarimania Son Shu Shi title pic

No cheats, no passwords.

STOT #4/17 Ork

4 09 2011

A new round of STOT has started yesterday. We now play Ork for 3 weeks:

Name Ork
Link to Atarimania Ork

No cheats, no passwords. We play until the first death with a “Continue?” screen.

STOT #4/16 Commando

13 08 2011

A new round of STOT has started today. We now play Commando for 3 weeks:

Name Commando
Link to Atarimania Commando

As always, no cheats, no passwords allowed.

STOT #4/15 Stormtrooper

25 07 2011

A new round of STOT has started on Saturday 23th. We now play Stormtrooper for the upcoming 3 weeks:

Name Stormtrooper
Link to Atarimania Stormtrooper

No cheats, no passwords as usual.

STOT #4/14: Road Blasters

2 07 2011

A new round of STOT starts today at noon. We now play Road Blasters for 3 weeks:

Name Road Blasters
Link to Atarimania Road Blasters

We play at medium difficulty. No cheats, no passwords.