þorN scores 2600 points in River Raid II on the Atari 2600

1 07 2012

I like the game, so I started a highscore round at the forum of the VzEkC (Club for preservation of old computers)


Scored 30460 in Seaquest (Atari VCS) in a VzEcK Highscore Forum

12 05 2012


Just found out, that there is a version of Gyruss for the VCS 2600

30 01 2012

I was walking through the list of VCS games when I suddenly saw Gyruss. I really love this game, and played it a lot on the Atari XL and the C64. So I tried it out to see what the VCS version is about.

Learn more at the Gaming Wiki

Maybe my difficulty level was to low, but the game was very easy. I have to try it with a higher difficulty level again. The graphics are not bad for a VCS 2600 and the game really feels like Gyruss. Will give it another try in the next days.

First time I played Final Fantasy

21 04 2009

I got a copy of Final Fantasy for the GC at the AC. I read on the cover, that all texts are in french, so I hoped, to learn a little bit french. But what a suprise, when I put it in my Wii, all texts were in german. So I think I have to look for the option to change the language.

So maybe first I will play it in german and then in french. Anyway, interesting intro’s so far. Look forward to see more.

The good old boobs of PSX Lara

21 03 2008

I remember 1997 when I visited the Siliconvention Party in Bremen. For the first time I saw Tomb Raider on a PSX, and well it was impressive. I loved the athmosphere of the game a lot. I remember next to it was a early version of FIFA or something like that, and a stupid local was playing. I asked him, if I could join the game, and he agreed. When we choosed the teams, he said I take germany, bacause I’m proud to be german, and I thought fuckin nationalist and said, I choose England, cause I have friends there (I’m shure he only have german friends).
I won 3-1 and was really satisfied.

Today some 11 years later, while I’m much to late to enter the Breakpoint party, I played Tomb Raider on the PSX for the first time with my own copy of the game. And again I like this athmosphere.

My first Sensie 2006 goal

4 01 2008

Today I finally got Sensible Soccer 2006 for the XBox. My first game was between Germany and UAE and it was a 0:0. Next one ended 1:1 and my first goal was scored by a Klinsa. Not bad, I like it, now I have to read the manual