14 07 2019

The classic opener of the meeting was once again MotoGP4 on the PS2. The great motorcycle game again was great fun. We played all the courses and enjoyed fast action and close results. Neewalix was hard to beat today. Beside 2 wins by þorN he won every course.
Today the difference between cable controller and wireless wasn’t that huge.

We planned to continue our journey through Champions of Norrath – Return to Arms for almost 2 meetings now, but this time we finally continue. We managed to play 2 levels you could say. We are now in the Marter level. Here the difficulty level is really higher than before, so it makes more fun.
CoN-RTA is still the best ARPG I ever played, even that we were longer in the shops then fighting the enemies.

After Dean Jimmy left, we switched to the STEAM machine. Here we played Tricky Towers, a fantastic Tetris like game for 4 players. We had a lot of fun, and close matches.
Next was Nippon Marathon. This game was great fun, and we will play it next time again for sure. It’s like Takeshi’s Castle as a computer game. We loved the funny Jaenglish language and the many funny ideas.

Another great game is Road Redemption. You are 1-4 motorcycle riders that fight other riders on the street. Challenging, but nice to play.

Then at 3 o’clock in the morning, we finished the meeting. Gaming rulez.

Software defines the fun, not hardware

10 06 2019

I have a lot of hardware at home to play games on:
– Consoles
– PC
– Atari 8-16-32-64Bit
– Handhelds
But finding time to really play a game is a difficult task. Most often I don’t like to spend time building up and configure the stuff. I simply like to put a device in my and a start playing.

So I had the feeling, that I did not play as much as I like to do. That changed after I bought Tetris99 for the Nintendo Switch. It was not the hardware, cause the console was laying around for a month, it was the software. I had (and still have) a GameBoy back in the days with only one game: Tetris. I played it like hell cause it’s simply the best game with this “one more time” motivation. Same with Tetri99 on the Switch. I play now much more than before.

New ST Setup

21 01 2018

I setup my STE wtih 4MB (will never use them) and a nice SC1224 a friend of mine lend me.


After I took this picutre, I had a 20 minutes search for the USB stick for the Gotek inside the STE. Finally I found some USB sticks and tested them. First was some photos, next a linux distribution and a Gotek stick, but the one for the Falcon. So I had a look at my blog where I posted the setup of the Gotek in the STE a while ago, and finally I got an idear which USB stick to search for. And found it!


Gotek USB on the right, also added the Joystick extention (right under the STE) and the one and only greekstick.


My first game in 2018

1 01 2018


Happy gaming in 2018

þorN scores 2600 points in River Raid II on the Atari 2600

1 07 2012

I like the game, so I started a highscore round at the forum of the VzEkC (Club for preservation of old computers)

Scored 30460 in Seaquest (Atari VCS) in a VzEcK Highscore Forum

12 05 2012


Just found out, that there is a version of Gyruss for the VCS 2600

30 01 2012

I was walking through the list of VCS games when I suddenly saw Gyruss. I really love this game, and played it a lot on the Atari XL and the C64. So I tried it out to see what the VCS version is about.

Learn more at the Gaming Wiki

Maybe my difficulty level was to low, but the game was very easy. I have to try it with a higher difficulty level again. The graphics are not bad for a VCS 2600 and the game really feels like Gyruss. Will give it another try in the next days.