Hatari 1.7 installed under Ubuntu 13.10

23 01 2014

I know from previous installations, that this is a streight forward installation, so it was more or less.

1) Download the actual Version 1.7 from the homepage:


2) extract it to a folder of your choice

3) install cmake,sdl libs

4) change to the new extracted folder,
5) run ./configure
6) run make
7) run sudo make install

8) run hatari

The first boot

9) copy the tos image of your choice to a place you like.

10) Press F12 to configure Hatari

11) Configure “ROM” to point to your tos image

12) reboot

The original TOS Screen (TOS 1.0.4 German)

13) Choose a File to Load into Drive A

A game (Mission Elevator) loaded

14) Have fun