RMKO gang did well at the La Preux Open

10 06 2012

Once again we enjoyed the hospitality of Oliver St. during this nice little tournament in the near of Gummersbach.

Oliver was once again the best player and won the tournament. Gratulation.

Frank F fought hard. After his victory against Oliver in the first game, in the two later games he had not much changes.

Thorsten B had to become familliar with his new joystick so the first results were not that good. But in round 2 and 3 he became better and better and even manage two draws against Frank F

Cornelius H had some new tricks at the corner, but beside them his gameplay was easy to read as always.

Jan K played fair once again, and scored some nice goals.



RMKO #2/2012: Oliver St wins Kick Off2 Tournament

6 05 2012


RMKO Kick Off 2 Turnier in Hanau am 5.5

1 04 2012

Zur Eröffnung der Grillsaison werden wir am Samstag den 05.05.2012 um 14’00 ein Kick Off Turnier in Hanau veranstalten. Alle Kick Off begeisterten sind herzlich eingeladen zu kommen.

Gespielt wird die KOA Version von Kick Off 2. Selbstverständlich mit APT Auswahl. Jeder gegen Jeden 2 Runden ist wahrscheinlich, hängt aber von der Anzahl der Teilnhemer ab.

Anschließend wird gegrillt.

Infos: vst@npoi.de

Cups for the Hessian Champs

30 01 2011

At the hessian champs (19.03.2011) there are two competitions. First of course the Hessian champs and 2nd as last year the RMKO cup, the internal championship of the RMKO players. Here are the cups:

Hessian Champs


Kick Off 2 World Cup 2010

25 10 2010

Last weekend the Kick Off 2 World Cup 2010 took place in Düsseldorf. I gave the organizers some 1600 euro to pay some bills so I was glad that so many people (46) appeared and I got my money back 🙂

Volker collects the entrance fee

Volker collects the entrance fee


It was great to meet a lot of friends and to have a lot of challenging matches.

I reached place 28 and for the first time ever (in my 5th try) I reached the silver cup (2nd league). After the desasterous result the week before at the German Championship (place 7 of 9) this was a great success and I’m total satisfied with the result.

Thanks to Volker who organized the social events on Friday, I had a good Currywurst as a start into the weekend, a nice boat tour on the river Rhine (Rhein) and an interesting brewery tour in an Altbier brewery (Schlüssel). That was a lot for only one day. Also the meal in the “Schlüssel” was great, especially the “Rote Grütze” at the end.

An der Wurstbude

At day one, I managed to win my 3rd game, so I was relaxed early and manged to win another 3 matches. Thats a great result. In the evening I also had a great time with the Hamburg and Osnabrück guys. Funny was our try to do a midnight tournament. After 4 games out of 6 two joysticks did not work anymore, so we had to stop. But we had a good time and laught a lot also about the problems with the sticks.

At day two, I won the first 2 games in a row, unvelievable, It took me years to reach the silber cup and what happens: I win !!! In the end I won 3 games in the first round. In the KO-round, I lost the two rounds, even that I won some games, but in the end place 28 was great. Damned fucking great. Jawohl!!

The medals

Another highlite was the appearance of Steve Screetch, the graphician and creator of Kick Off 2. A great moment to meet him. He is such a friendly guy, it was a pleasure. I also will never forget the Narrow Angle Goal I scored against him. My goal against one of the creators of Kick Off, a dream came true.

Finally, after hours of waiting it was also nice to see a unforgetable finale and a new champion (Dagh N).

Kick Off Review from 1990

15 08 2010

Thanks to Joerg S our new member here we have the review of Kick Off 2 back in 1990.



The darkside triumped again

6 08 2010

Once upon the time, there were two german kick off players- Both played a lovely kick off style, simple but nice to watch (an unknown dutch player will not agree to that :-). Ok one of them was well known for his fouls, well he nearly always do fouls you could say. So honestly lets say, both friendly and good-natured german kick off players played a lovely kick off that does not include fairness.

The the darkness came upon them. During a trip to the land of high prices and little black haired women, both were thrown to the dark sind. No not Sensie :-), but even worse than that (or maybe this touch of evil was the reason for their interest in the Sensie world).
While one of these formerly good-natured players learned immediatly the BLC, only some mounth later even the other learnded how to do the midfield lob. Sad but true again two innocent souls were lost to the club of evil lobbers.

For all of you who are out there playing kick off: Beware of them! Thair names are: Frank “John BLC” F. and Thorsten “Sindre Lob” B.