New arrangements in the Jawohl Arena

5 06 2010

Shirts of Fame:

The Jawohl Arena, home of the Rhein Main Kick Offer is now surround by another great shirt of a team that wrotes history

Beside the legendary Infotec Shirt of Eintracht Frankfurt, now also the Tui Shirt of Hannover 96 hangs on the wall, to remember the team that avoid the relegation last season, even that their goalkeeper made suicide and the team then loose 9 games in a row.

Thorsten’s Shrine

Cause there are already a large number of medals I got for attending various Kick Off tournaments I hadthe idea to put them in a row in the shrine:

From right to left:

  • Italian Champs 2008
  • Italian Champs 2009
  • WC 09 Voitsberg / Styria – Austria 2009
  • Wiesbadener Stadtmeisterschaft 2010
  • Austrian Champs 2010
  • Italien Champs 2010

Gadgets from the Italian Kick Off Championship

4 06 2010

In the tournament I reached place 11. My best result in 4 years. Well maybe because there were less players, but I won all the games I had to win and did a draw against Flavio, so I reached my aims. I was also close to gain some more points in some other games and especially the game against Oliver St. was one of my best even that I lost, so I show this medal with proud.

Beside the medal, I bought a USB – 9pin Joystick adapter from Gianni. With this adapter, I could use my normal Joystick on the PC or whatever machine offers usb. Since I plan to play more Kick Off on the PC, thats a important gadget.

German kick off celebrate its rebirth at the Italian Championship.

30 05 2010

The tournament is well known for the best set of players beside the world cup. So it was a big success that Frank F reaches places 5 followed by Oliver St. on place 6. I also played my best Italian Championship so far and reached place 11. More important than my rank was the fact, that I got only 47 goals (3,3 in average), that’s really great, and I lost a lot of games only with one goal difference, that’s promising too.

Beside all these successes, the tournament itself was once again a great fun and many thanks to the organizers Gianni and Maria and the cat. Also thanks to Alessandro and Panayotis for ordering the right dishes and especially the Tartuffo.

This year we were 15 players. Some usual players were missing, therefore we had 3 new players from Venice who are funny guys. Beside really new players, the highlight was the return of the best Kick off Player in history (in my opinion) Gianluca. He lacks some training, but 13 games were enough to had a great first half against Gianni and finally become second, so it will be interesting what comes next.

Im Wald da lauern die Flanken

24 05 2010

This year issue of the Austrian championship took place in Sulz in the Wienerwald (Vienna forest) hills.

On Friday Frank and I met at a motorway station and then drove 9 hours to Sulz. The venue was a inn with a hotel. It’s big enough to even host a WC and its based in the middle of the Wienerwald, well known for it’s wine, applewine (called Most), forests and hills. I great area for hiking and relaxing. The tournament room was really huge and the food (various Schnitzel and steaks) was good.

After having a good meal on Friday evening it was time to have some friendlies with Helmut and Klaus, the local organizers. Both said that they trained high balls and long shots after they saw them at the last WC in Voitsberg, and the results was really astonishing. So I didn’t slept that well that night.

Saturday Frank and I played some 15 friendlies so I was good prepared. During the training, Mike and Michael from Voitsberg arrived. So we were ready to start. We decided to play the new 1.0.4 KOA version and there were no problems and everybody chose to use autofix and trapfix.

After the typical Austrian championship hardware problems with the monitor and the common “I get anther monitor from my home” action we had two Amiga systems running. We thought about playing 4 times against each other, but in the end we did 3 rounds.

My games:

Frank 1-4, 2-7, 3-6

I was leading 1-0 in the first game and then have two double woodwork, a missed chance to beat him, cause of course he score his goals later in the game. The next one, I was tired and no chance at all. In the last game, Frank gave me two penalties, but the third was true fighting, so I was satisfied with my game in the end.

Klaus ?-?,0-4, 3-2

I forgot the first game, but I lost it. Worst memories I have on the second game. I really had no luck and Klaus used all my mistakes without mercy. Even that the last game was more or less a friendly, cause the table was not changed by the result, I was able to come back after a 0-2 and finally had my first victory against Klaus. Great fight and well deserved I would say. Klaus is the better player, but beeing concentrated I have a chance. His high balls and long shots are more dangerous than Helmuts.

Helmut 2-3, 2-1, 2-2

Each game was a great fight. Unfortunately Helmut scored the 3-2 in the last second of game one. In the end this was the key game for place 3 and 4. Helmuts long shots and high balls weren’t that effective as I thought and on the other side, my 5-3-2 tactics become better from game to game.

Michale Ma 6-3, 1-2, 2-1

The first game was a little bit uncommonly match as there were many goals, and I was in front with 2-3 goals very early. The next one was a normal Thorsten-Mike game and he deserved to win, cause I had no ideas throughout the game. So it was time to avenge. After the 1-1 I thought, that finally now I have to play some good Kick off and I did, the 2-1 was a great combination.

Michael F ?-?,?-?,6-1

I remember that I won all the games. Michael does not play that bad but in front of the goal he is to nervous and acts to fast. I remember that he was 1-0 in front in the second game, cause he scored a kick off lob.

Congratulation to Frank who did not lost one game.

In the end I scored 4th, one point less than Helmut. The result was ok and I will always remember the tournament as a nice and relaxed one. I trained playing 5-3-2 a lot and I saw, that high balls and long shots have to be trained.

After the tournament we had a great meal in a typical Austrian “Burschenschaenke”, a inn where you get more or less only cold foot like bread and cold cuts. Next we went back to the tournament location had sat down in the pub room to watch the European Championsleague final. Inter Milano was the better team in the end and won the cup, beside that, the game was good but not stunning, and cause I’m not a fan of Bayern Muenchen, I wasn’t that interested.
After the game, Mike and Michael went back home to Styria (back into the sun they said :-), and I also went to bed.

On Sunday, after having breakfast, Helmut, Klaus, Frank and I did some more friendlies. We tested some more tactics and at least Helmut did a 5-5 against Frank, the first non victory game this weekend for Frank.

Then it was time to leave. Helmut and Klaus gave us some hints to find a “famous” village where parts of the “Hinterholz 8” movie were made, and so we used this to have a 45 minutes cruising through the Wienerwald hills.

Many thanks to Helmut and Klaus for this great tournament. I really enjoyed the trip a lot and all the matches and all food and the relaxed atmosphere. I look forward for the next tournaments in Austria.

Italian Open 2008

12 05 2008

Friday 9th of May

Volker B. arrived at about 20’00
o’clock at my flat. We agreed, that it is very important to have some
sleep before the trip to Milan. But of course we had some beer and
talk so finally I went to bed at about 23 o’clock, and get only 4
hours of sleep.

Saturday 10th of May

I Woke up at 3 o’clock, and we managed
to leave Wiesbaden at 4 o’clock and arrived at the airport in Hahn a
hour later. The flight only took 55 minutes, and still tired, we
arrived in Bergamo.

From the plane, we have to use a bus,
that took us 300m to the Airport centre. Wow how amazing. Walking
would have been much faster 🙂

Some time later, after a relaxed bus
transfer and and after we got picked up by Sandro T., we arrived at
the Kick Off House Milan. Luca F. also joined us and maybe our noise
woke up Panayotis P., so we sat down in the garden together with
Robert S. and later Maurizio L. and had a lot of talks about Kick

At around 12 o’clock we finally went to
the Church where Gianni T. and the rest of the locals build up some
Amigas. We spoke with John H. about a perfect tournament preparation,
and so I came to the conclusion, that I have to buy at least one
bottle of beer. Cause I remembered last year, I also got some
lemonade and chocolate. Unfortunately the gate to the church was
closed when we returned, and we had no mobile phone with us. But
before we got into panic mode, somebody let us in.

So well prepared the tournament
started. I first had to play against Gianni T., which is always as
big fun to me, cause I have no chance at all, and simply could train.
This time he let me even score 3 goals, so my first goal, to score at
least one goal per game was nearly reached after the first match.

Unfortunately the next game was against
Volker B. I hoped before, I could surprise him, but he torn me to
pieces and won 5:0. At that moment I was not I a good mood at all 🙂

I can’t remember all this looses
against the top 10 players, so I will concentrate on the games
against the people that play a the same level than me (yes these
people exist 🙂 or slightly above my level. Last year there were no
Italians that match these category, but this time there were a lot of
them. This is very nice to see.

First I played against Simone C. and I
managed to win my first game in Milan. Simone C. seemed to train with
Alessandro Gu. a lot and both profit of that.

I also won against Alessandro Gu. even
that he leads already 2:0, but then I scored 3 goals. I was very
happy that I managed to came back in the game, cause concentration is
one of my weak points. On the other side, The games against Simone C.
and Alessandro Gu. became a kind of a derby, cause we played in Rome
as well against each other, and both times we played in a friendly
but challenging atmosphere. Hope to play against these two soon at
the next tournament again.

Against Flavio Z. I scored a draw, and
because he dominated first half and I did the second, it was a fair
result. Against Alessandro C. I also managed to scored a draw. Even
that he scored last in the tournament, he was much better in that
game then me, and I was really happy about the only 0:0 in the whole

I also had a change against Angelo S.
, but my goal for the 1:2 was in the last second and came to late.

No chance at all of course I had
against Robert S. After 10 seconds I got already 2 goals. But my
goals was to get less then 8 goals like last year, and finally I
scores 0:7 so I reached my goal.

So finally I ended up at place 14. That
is an improvement to the last issue of the Italian open. This year I
wasn’t that out powered at the end, maybe because I got my first
victory quickly. On the other side, I had my well known problems in a
lot of games, so that I have to continue training to get rid of them.

Beside to see that there are also
normal Italian kick off players 🙂 it was cool to see that Luca F.
and Luigi F. are damned good players, and will mix up the rankings a
lot in the future. Panayotis P. is also on its way to the top, so we
will see a lot of good games in Athens later the year I promise.

Now it was time for the prize giving
ceremony and no surprise for us, either me nor Voker B. got one of
the 3 medals for the best foreign players, even that there were only
5 foreigners :-). Therefore all participants got a medal, that fits
fine in my shrine of Kick Off consolation gifts.

I had to do some pressure on Volker B.,
to let us start to the airport in time. In the end we had one and a
half hour time left at the airport, but I hate to be late at the
airport cause I did in the past quit often when I went to other ATARI

Many thanks to all the people (Gianni
T., Sandro T., Maurizio L., Alessandro V.) in Milan that let this
nice event happen. Next year I hope not to miss the pizza in the
evening, cause of course there is no place where you can eat such
good pizza then in Italy.

The way back the plane was 35 minutes
earlier in Hahn as expected! But the one hour drive back home to
Wiesbaden was a really pain, We were on the road now for 22 hours and
finally arrived about 1 o’clock on Sunday in Wiesbaden. And the
schedule for the next Tournament (IKOV Summer Tournament 2008) said
that we only have 10 hours time left.