Langenfeld 9 tournament

28 12 2008

This time it’s really hard to describe what happend.

So lets start in cronological order:

Game 1: Jan K 3-1
Jan was really nervous, and his leg did not stand still. He had a good 1st halve and scored a 1-0. In half two I fought back and scored 3 goals. Year, a hard game, a real derby and I won, that was great. So I knew that I will be at least the best hessian player today 🙂

Game 2: Oliver St 1-1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What a sensation, I managed to get no goal in the first half. Playing lockout whas really successfull. But then. I scored the 1-0 and until 20 seconds before the end I was still in the lead, when Oliver finally scored the 1-1 and the game was over immediatly. But I still can’t realise, that I managed a 1-1 against the german champ, and 7th of the last WC. Maybe my biggest success in a game ever.

Game 3: Wolfgang H 6-0
Wolle just got a 0-23 against Oliver, the new record in germany, so I promised to him, that this would be a more relaxing game, and it was I think.

Game 4: Klaus Dieter M. 8-0
I allways score a lot of goals against Klaus Dieter, so again this time.

Game 5: Dirk B. 2-0
Dirk is allways a hard to read opponement for me, so I scored two goals in half one, and that was enough

Game 6: Volker B. 1-3
I managed to score a 1-0 playing lock out again, but Volker returned with his fu…. kick off variation 🙂 and in half two I made a absolute wrong mistake, so he was 2-1 in the lead and finally scored the 3-1. Volker was better this time, but it was a better game of mine than last time.

Game 7: Guido H. 2-0
My jostick did not move to the right anymore, so I had to use my second one, and I can’t play with a competition anymore, so I was happy to score at least 2 goals 2 minutes before the end.

Game 8: Freddy B. 2-5
Jostick three was better, but also Freddy. I managed to score a 1-2 and a 2-3 but then I had not the luck I needed, and Freddies high balls are a class better than my kick off.

In the end another suprise was the 1-1 between Oliver and Freddy. Freddy copied my lock out tactic with success. So in the end Volker won the tournament. Even that he lost 1-9 against Oliver. So for the first time Oliver did not win a tournament this year.

That’s good for german kick off, because it shows, that all of us getting better, and that’s important if you have a look at our results at international tournaments.

Final words
Normally the best player wins, this was Oliver no doubt about it, but the winner is the one with the most points, and that was Volker, so concratulation Volker, and many thanks for your effords organising the tournament.

You are a real sportsman, and your new record (23-0) is outstanding

Great that you are back, I will try to beat you next year 🙂

Also great that you are back, hope to see you at the next tournament

See you at the next Training

Klaus Dieter:
Hope my tipp to play 5-3-2 will help you

Guido and Wolfgang:
You are really funny and friendly persons, hope that you will be at the next tournaments. Winning is not everything, and Kick Off makes much more fun with you two.

My dear Joystick:
Thanks my dear joystick, that you helped me to all the success this year. But today you was nasty! Not working against Freddy is not funny! Especialls because back at home everything is finde again.

Thorsten B. reach Place 2. in the Longfield November 2008 tournament

6 11 2008

Afte organizing some retro gaming contests during the day, I was a little bit tired when I arrived at 20.30 in Langenfeld.

Volker once again managed to a full house of Kick Off players. Oliver, Klaus-Dieter,Frank and Guido. So we were 6 players. Unbelievable.

Unfortunately Oliver had to leave befor the tournament. But I managed to score 4 goals against him before in a friendly and loose only 4-6. That was much better than the 0-12 last time, and was allready worth to come.

In the tournament I managed a 2-2 against Volker and won all other games. Finally I lost 1-7 against Volker. Volker was the better player, and it’s a honor to me, that Volker was so motivated to win against me. Next time I will kick his ass again of course.

Frank was the first time at a tournament and he has talent and he played the game a lot in the past, so we must keep an eye on him.

Klaus-Dieter has a temperament not that far away from my own one, and it was really funny to play against him. Hopefully he will train more before the next tournament.

Guido also lacks the training, but the last game of him against Klaus-Dieter was a trilling fun for both, and we hope to see him again next time.

Volker was the favorite after Oliver had to leave, and he got what he deserved. Many thanks to him for the organisation and the food and the couch.

Kick Off 2 Tournament in Cologne

1 06 2008

Once again Kick Off 2 with the crazy western group: Freddy, Oliver, Volker. I really enjoyed this tournament. For the first time I would say, I had no concentration problems and fighted the whole tournament. Finally I achieved 2 victories, 1 draw and 9 times I lost.