RMKO gang did well at the La Preux Open

10 06 2012

Once again we enjoyed the hospitality of Oliver St. during this nice little tournament in the near of Gummersbach.

Oliver was once again the best player and won the tournament. Gratulation.

Frank F fought hard. After his victory against Oliver in the first game, in the two later games he had not much changes.

Thorsten B had to become familliar with his new joystick so the first results were not that good. But in round 2 and 3 he became better and better and even manage two draws against Frank F

Cornelius H had some new tricks at the corner, but beside them his gameplay was easy to read as always.

Jan K played fair once again, and scored some nice goals.



RMKO #2/2012: Oliver St wins Kick Off2 Tournament

6 05 2012


RMKO Kick Off 2 Turnier in Hanau am 5.5

1 04 2012

Zur Eröffnung der Grillsaison werden wir am Samstag den 05.05.2012 um 14’00 ein Kick Off Turnier in Hanau veranstalten. Alle Kick Off begeisterten sind herzlich eingeladen zu kommen.

Gespielt wird die KOA Version von Kick Off 2. Selbstverständlich mit APT Auswahl. Jeder gegen Jeden 2 Runden ist wahrscheinlich, hängt aber von der Anzahl der Teilnhemer ab.

Anschließend wird gegrillt.

Infos: vst@npoi.de

Frank torn Thorsten to pieces, like Frankfurt did before with Leverkusen

6 04 2010

Today the new logo is online

28 03 2010

The new RMKO logo was done by Thorsten B. with the help of Jan K. and Frank F. during a WGL session in Wiesbaden.

Erstes RMKO Live Video online

7 03 2010

Während der Trainingssession am Freitag haben Frank und ich eine Video eines unserer Spiele gemacht.:

Wir haben auch noch ein Interview danach gemacht, allerdings muss ich nochmal etwas an meinem video decoder arbeiten, bevor ich das zusammenschneide.

Ich hoffe das wir in Zukunft noch mehr Videos produzieren.

retrothemen #08/2010

28 02 2010


Finally the new Blog at http://www.npoi.de/stot is ready to use. Also the flyer is finished and will be used at the next meetings. The Forum seems to be up again, and the actual game: Switchblade II is a great game.

I managed to score 79800 so far, being a little bit behind Xerus and SSB.


The flyer is also finished, as well as a slideshow of pictures, I bought a digital photo frame for. Looks nice, and a lot of greate memories. During my trainings I manged a new record in scored goals: I did a 9-3 against the computer.


Also the WGL flyer is finished.


I started to play Dragon Blade on the Wii. It’s a nice game due to the wii controls of the light sword.

Millenium Falcon

Not long ago MF was looking really bad. But now finally the new case is finished and also a new Disk drive is build in. Next will be to replace the big network card by a Hydra, I will get from SSB next week.

MF near death

MF reborn