New arrangements in the Jawohl Arena

5 06 2010

Shirts of Fame:

The Jawohl Arena, home of the Rhein Main Kick Offer is now surround by another great shirt of a team that wrotes history

Beside the legendary Infotec Shirt of Eintracht Frankfurt, now also the Tui Shirt of Hannover 96 hangs on the wall, to remember the team that avoid the relegation last season, even that their goalkeeper made suicide and the team then loose 9 games in a row.

Thorsten’s Shrine

Cause there are already a large number of medals I got for attending various Kick Off tournaments I hadthe idea to put them in a row in the shrine:

From right to left:

  • Italian Champs 2008
  • Italian Champs 2009
  • WC 09 Voitsberg / Styria – Austria 2009
  • Wiesbadener Stadtmeisterschaft 2010
  • Austrian Champs 2010
  • Italien Champs 2010