Kick Off 2 World Cup 2010

25 10 2010

Last weekend the Kick Off 2 World Cup 2010 took place in Düsseldorf. I gave the organizers some 1600 euro to pay some bills so I was glad that so many people (46) appeared and I got my money back 🙂

Volker collects the entrance fee

Volker collects the entrance fee


It was great to meet a lot of friends and to have a lot of challenging matches.

I reached place 28 and for the first time ever (in my 5th try) I reached the silver cup (2nd league). After the desasterous result the week before at the German Championship (place 7 of 9) this was a great success and I’m total satisfied with the result.

Thanks to Volker who organized the social events on Friday, I had a good Currywurst as a start into the weekend, a nice boat tour on the river Rhine (Rhein) and an interesting brewery tour in an Altbier brewery (Schlüssel). That was a lot for only one day. Also the meal in the “Schlüssel” was great, especially the “Rote Grütze” at the end.

An der Wurstbude

At day one, I managed to win my 3rd game, so I was relaxed early and manged to win another 3 matches. Thats a great result. In the evening I also had a great time with the Hamburg and Osnabrück guys. Funny was our try to do a midnight tournament. After 4 games out of 6 two joysticks did not work anymore, so we had to stop. But we had a good time and laught a lot also about the problems with the sticks.

At day two, I won the first 2 games in a row, unvelievable, It took me years to reach the silber cup and what happens: I win !!! In the end I won 3 games in the first round. In the KO-round, I lost the two rounds, even that I won some games, but in the end place 28 was great. Damned fucking great. Jawohl!!

The medals

Another highlite was the appearance of Steve Screetch, the graphician and creator of Kick Off 2. A great moment to meet him. He is such a friendly guy, it was a pleasure. I also will never forget the Narrow Angle Goal I scored against him. My goal against one of the creators of Kick Off, a dream came true.

Finally, after hours of waiting it was also nice to see a unforgetable finale and a new champion (Dagh N).

New arrangements in the Jawohl Arena

5 06 2010

Shirts of Fame:

The Jawohl Arena, home of the Rhein Main Kick Offer is now surround by another great shirt of a team that wrotes history

Beside the legendary Infotec Shirt of Eintracht Frankfurt, now also the Tui Shirt of Hannover 96 hangs on the wall, to remember the team that avoid the relegation last season, even that their goalkeeper made suicide and the team then loose 9 games in a row.

Thorsten’s Shrine

Cause there are already a large number of medals I got for attending various Kick Off tournaments I hadthe idea to put them in a row in the shrine:

From right to left:

  • Italian Champs 2008
  • Italian Champs 2009
  • WC 09 Voitsberg / Styria – Austria 2009
  • Wiesbadener Stadtmeisterschaft 2010
  • Austrian Champs 2010
  • Italien Champs 2010

Thorsten B. reach at least some aims at the WC 2008 in Athen

16 11 2008

Before the tournament my aim was place 29. and to reach the Silver Cup. After the drawing of the groups, it was clear to me, that I will not reach that aim.

Once again I lost all games on day 1. Now for the third time, I did not manage to win a game. So I will reach this aim the next WC! Jawohl!

At least I managed to beat Wolf H. and Peter S. and let one of the greek players behind me.

Last year I won the bronze cup, this time I ended up as 4th, but I was the best middle european players in the bronze cup.

Here some lessons learned:

  • The next stewardess that deny to offer me a sweet will become acquainted with my loudest beserker mode. Jawohl!
  • Greece taxi drivers drive like hell. If you want half an hour rollercoaster for only 6 Euro, get a taxi from the Airport to the center. Most people survice, and you will never forget this trip of action and thrill
  • Athens has nice mountains where you could watch the whole city, and even when you suxx in the WC at least one hill you climbed up.
  • It could be sad to be asked about a unknown german champs by a german player who does not even know that you organized it
  • Andreas Kl. could become angry if he’s the last one who waits for the dinner. Best in that case: Tell him that your dish is really deligious.
  • Cyprus food is better than thair music acts in the Eurovision song contest.
  • How could Greece players be as good as they are, if the could buy “Henninger Kaiser Pils” everywhere. At home we know that the Binding brewery brew something comparable to piss, and that the the stuff that is not good enough for their brand will be renamed into Henninger.
  • Even extreme snorring does not prevent Oliver St. from winning.
  • Antonis T. is a great Kick Off player, after winning the first game only because of 5 loops, he beat me in the second game because of real goals (only 1 loop). My respect to him.
  • Astrib B. won the game of shame because she was simple the better player
  • I was proud of Andeas Kl to say, that he will go for a 3rd Shamie
  • I made the best game of my career against Wolf H.
  • I hope that Flavio Z. will learn english soon, so that finally we could talk to each other, the friendlies against him makes so much fun.
  • Stelios T (The dentist?) beats his joystick that you feel a train is passing by. Greets to my chorus (Jörg and Marco)
  • Hope to have a bootle of Suesgespritzer (German Applewine with Limonade) soon with Steve E. and his wife (or girlfriend?)
  • Playing against Jorn F is another good reason to learn to prevent Loops. But thanks for the great friendly.
  • Many many thanks to John H. for the tipps so that I encounted the lockout tactic etc. Grtx to his wife
  • Spyros could not sleep and play. Also learned, that you could be happy to get rid of the WC cup because it looks so shitty.
  • We will see a nice Calendar with the 12 goals Dagh scored against Alkis soon.
  • The best player of the last years is finally World Champion, concratulation Gianni