Unity Sidebar finaly works fine

12 09 2014

I installed ubuntu 14.04 two weeks ago on my Thinkpad. This time I choosed the option to let the Unity sidebar slite out if not needed. And suprise, suprise it works fine. Before it often hangs, but now it works as designed. Well done Ubuntu.


Hatari 1.7 installed under Ubuntu 13.10

23 01 2014

I know from previous installations, that this is a streight forward installation, so it was more or less.

1) Download the actual Version 1.7 from the homepage:


2) extract it to a folder of your choice

3) install cmake,sdl libs

4) change to the new extracted folder,
5) run ./configure
6) run make
7) run sudo make install

8) run hatari

The first boot

9) copy the tos image of your choice to a place you like.

10) Press F12 to configure Hatari

11) Configure “ROM” to point to your tos image

12) reboot

The original TOS Screen (TOS 1.0.4 German)

13) Choose a File to Load into Drive A

A game (Mission Elevator) loaded

14) Have fun

First applications

9 06 2013

After setup a Linux Mint system. the first applications I installed were:

  • Guake: A terminal that scrolls down from the top of the screen if you call it
Guake under Linux Mint
Guake under Linux Mint
  • Chrome
Chrome under Linux Mint
After I installed Chrome, the system is damned slow, cauae with only 3 GB memory the sysem swaps all the time. I have to look for a lightweight browser.

First wallpaper

9 06 2013

Very important when you set up a new system is the wallpaper of course.

I choose a traditional one 🙂

Wallpaper für Linux Mint

Linux Mint landed on my desktop

1 06 2013

Today I installed Linux Mint 15 (LM) codename “Olivia”. After playing around some minutes, I decided, that this OS is my favorite desktop OS atm.

Linux Mint

I have Windows 8 installed on my main laptop and Ubuntu 13.10 installed on my NetLap. Now Linux Mint 15 is also installed on my NetLap and I will discover, how many daily tasks I could manage with Linux mint, and what task are better managed with other devices.

The reasons I chose Linux mint were:

  •  In Nemo (Nautilus clone) it’s so easy to get a second window. Simply press F3. In Nautilus (Gnome) and in Explorer (Windows) that’s no possible or more complicated, or I’m to stupid.
  • The controll center is ootb better organized than in Ubuntu. I did not find the autostart configruation in Ubuntu last time I searched for example. in LM it’s ootb simple present.
  • It’s really fast compared to Ubuntu on the same hardware
  • The sound works ootb. Don’t know why it does not work under Ubuntu, cause it did on other installations on the same hardware before.

These were my first impressions. Most imporant, it really makes fun again to work with this machine, something I missed with Ubuntu 13.10 and something that is gone with Windows 8

Rand 2.0 the reborn ubuntu desktop Day 1

17 05 2009

I finally tried to use a memory stick as my desktop system rather than a box of hardware. Now I have my full system on one little stick. That’s cool.

1) I downloaded the latest Ubuntu 9.04 ISO Image and saved it to the HD
2) With K3B I burned the ISO to a CD.
3) I rebooted and bootet the Ubuntu Installer from CD. I choosed the memory stick as the device whre to install the Ubuntu desktop.
4) Afte Installing, I rebooted again the new Ubuntu Desktop from memory stick
5) After the first boot, Ubuntu said, that the language packages aren’t complete, and offers a wizard to complete them, by installing the missing packages.
6) But I can’t download them, because I had no WLAN access. The whole Wireless part of the networkmanager was dead. I got a little bit in panic, but in the end I found out, that the Airport wireless antenna on my Mac Mini was full of dust. So after cleaning it manually 🙂 It worked fine.
7) While downloading the missing language packages the package manager told me, that some repositories where not reachable, that’s not so good, but looks like I don’t need them at the moment. In the end I downloaded another 18 language packages.
8) Now that I allready downloaded the new repository files to the package manager, I also did a generell update of the system, as it was adviced by the update manager. 75 new and updated packages were downloaded and installed
10) That’s it. I finally got a new Ubuntu 9.04 desktop system that is great to use and easy to install. What else do I want?

Replaced Pidgin by Quassel

27 04 2009

After some mounth with Pidgin as IRC client, I read that the new Kubuntu 9.04 includes Quassel, so I gave it a chance, and I like it. So I now use it as my IRC client. Pidgin allways worked fine, so many thanks to the authors for their great job.