OFAM 2014 Friday

27 09 2014

This year OFAM, the 10th anniversary of the event started around 6 o’clock when Mr.XY and I met in Sossenheim. We decided to take the A66 via Fulda to pass by the traditional traffic jams around Würzburg. The road works on the A66 around Neuhof are finished and for the first time we drove straight from Hanau to Fulda. Good start.

Next our stadard stop at the Burger King in Schweinfuhrt took place. Some funny moments with moving queues (we had luck and stand in the right one) and another double burger for free happend, but nothing special

Mr.XY had to learn, that it’s called “Das OFAM” and not “Die OFAM”. He is already very old, but I don’t give up hope for time to overcome this problem.

This time, the OFAM take place in a former school direct opposite the church. It was a little bit tricky to drive, but we got a parking place direct in front of it. Really strange to see a “Martin Luther” School in catholic Bavaria, but even there the (or some) clocks are turning forward.

Inside a buch of 10 people were alreay there eating traditonal Atarifahrt food like stinking Pizza. So we decided to not unpack in a hurry but unpack in 2 terms so that we could sit outsite under a tree in front of the church for a while. While we were sitting, some more people arrive, and we could explain them where to park.

After build up my Falcon I was able to get some missing parts like the VGA Adapter and a Mouse from friendly party people. I also get a NetUSB so my network was running, and I could save 2 old games of mine to my Linx machine. I also found the rest of my games, so espect some more files on this site soon.

Gagga who sit next to me forced me to show hidden .tSCc. gems like Project Vögeln. Always impressing to see it again after some month. One day I have to finish it.

I also demonstrated Spitzenreiter III and found out, that there are some good reasons to release a 20xx Edition of it. Maybe something for the next decadede.

Gagga was playing some link games on the ST together with Heinz. Heinz is a notorious Atari Gamer, but he never played Stunt Car Racer, so he had the chance to fill a gab in his life.
Still a great game. Beside SCR they played Lotus II a lot.

Insane had the idear that Subversion is also a link game, and for the next hours 3 people where busy transfering the files from one SD Card to another to find a way to create a Disk from the HFE or ST image. My Network was ok, so I was happy not to had that Problem.

Around 2 o’clock I went to bed. Good start, more to come


Mittwinter Meeting 2012 Kirchen / D

24 01 2012



Der mit dem Sega tanzt: HomeCon #12

22 05 2011

Friday I had a good night Kick Off and a good movie called “Legion” at Franks place in Mannheim. We also used the time to coordinate the dates for the upcoming Summer tournaments in the near of Gummersbach and in Frankfurt. So it looks good for a nice Kick Off summer all over Europe.

At the HomeCon there was no Kick Off station ready, so first I bought a used copy of “The Bard’s tale” for the C64. I do not own a C64, but I like to have a original box of the classic at home.

In the meantime the organizers of the Sega Championship arrived and started to build up their stuff. Hessi (HomeCon organizer) had build out the seats of his van an so we had 4 nice seats for the players.

And finaly Newalix arrived and we could play Kick Off. In the end we had a nice little tournament. Horst become really efficient with his 45 degree shots, so we had some close matches.

Thorsten B – Frank F 2-2, 1-3:
Another draw. But I want’s a victory next time I’m so close.
Thorsten B – Horst L 4-2,2-1:
Both times Horst scores first, but my better Midfield saved the games.
Thorsten B – Jan K 5:1,4:1
Jan was not as good as in the last tournaments. Easy wins in the end.

Between the games we also participated in the Sega Tournament:

Round 1: Bomber Man
I played against Oerg and he won 3-2. Again won 2 rounds in this game. Not bad. In the Sega Megadrive version you could get a dino to ride on it. This is a second live, so if you die, only your dino is dead. So if your opponement have a dino and you not, that is a disadvantage I learned in the final match.

Round 2: Micro Machines 2
Great game. I lost against Neewalix, but we had some funny fights. Loved to let him die on the sponge. Hope to play that game more often

Round 3: Columns
Cause I did not knew that with button C you could give some lines to your opponement, the game was not that funny for me 🙂 Well a game that is not one of my favorites.

Round 4: Sonic 2
A must for sega fans, but not a game for newbies.

Round 5: Super Kick Off
The sega version of Kick off is really the opposite of fun. But at least I was able to do the first “Day Trick”. That was the only positive thing. A shame for the Kick Off line.

It was nice to meet the enthusiastic Sega people and we had some fun playing different games. To improve a Tournament with people who do not regular play all these games and also not regular use a game pad, it would be nice to have a short explaination of the games before you play.

During the tournament I also had time to talk and play a little bit around. Played G.Radius on the PS1. A great game. Also thanks to Ebby that he thought on my Mega ST2. I bought G.Radius on my RCM trip two weeks ago, so I will have a shooting soon on my PS2.

Now it was time to go home. The nice weekend tripp was finished by meal at KFC and some 3 Kick Off games.

Retrofair Apeldoorn

13 03 2011

Because of my move down south I had a lot of stuff to sell, so I booked a table at the Retrofair in Apeldoorn. I also like to be in the Netherlands because of the relaxed atmosphere in that country and I also like to meet some friends there.

MaSTer64 joined me this time and we started at 5 o’clock in the morning. Cause it was Sunday, nothing happened on the road and some 4 hours later we were in close to the location. I had to promise MaSTer64 that I will remind him to not buy anything new cause he already run out of space at home. MaSTer64 also promised me the same so we were prepared to enter the fair.

Von Retrofair2011

At the parking lot the first person we met was Mr. Atari. He asked me if I wanted to get one TT, some ST’s and some Atari Keyboards from he his house with me after the fair. Of course I agreed, cause I’m sure I will find some good hands for them 🙂 Cause MaSTer64 failed to try to stop me, right after 10 seconds on the fair I already failed with my plan to get rid of stuff to have less to move!

Von Retrofair2011

MaSTer64 also did well in full fill his mission and returned half a minute later with 2 NES modules and some C64 mainboards 🙂

Our table was at the end of the fair, in the second room, so not the best place, but who cares. Once again such a fair is like a heaven for all retro liking people. The fair was very Nintendo, Sega, and newer consoles orientated, but you also see a lot of 8 Bit and 16 Bit stuff.

Von Retrofair2011
Von Retrofair2011

At the end of the fair, Jar Jar and Mr. Atari bought all the Atari 8 Bit stuff I had with me, so in the end some of my stuff was gone. I managed to remind myself on my mission to get rid of stuff and not to buy new stuff. Well at least close to the end. On my last walk around I saw a PS2 and I bought it together with Gods of War 2.

Von Retrofair2011

MaSTer 64 spend more time in walking around. He found some more NES modules and also got in touch with a local Subways or a kind of it. All the way home MaSTer64 told me that he is now a big fan of this shop 🙂 His second try of local food also was not that successful, he got some potato stuff for both of us. I liked it but would not eat it every day, he hated it in the same way as the hot dog 🙂

Von Retrofair2011

After the fair, we followed the well known Atari car of Mr. Atari and Jar Jar and did a stop at their home.

Year this is really Atari heaven on earth. At 3 stages you found everything a Atarian like.

3rd Stage: A huge snooker. Unusable because a lot of Atari Stuff onside 🙂 The room is also full filled with Atari stuff for sale.

2nd Stage: Mr. Atari’s laboratory. He showed us his upcoming Flash IDE Interface with MyDos on the 8 Bit, as well as some really rare Atari Items: Printers, Atari 2800 etc.

Von Retrofair2011
Von Retrofair2011

1st Stage: 3 Arcade machines, One advertisement Stand, one Atari Jukebox!!! and a Asteroids table. Yes that makes fun.

Von Retrofair2011
Von Retrofair2011
Von Retrofair2011
Von Retrofair2011

The hut in the garden: Here was the TT and 2 Mega ST and 3 Mega ST Keyboards. Of course MaSTer64 was in a real social feeling at that time and also helped Mr. Atari go find a new home for a SC1224, some VIC 20 and a C16.

Von Retrofair2011

In the end we only throw the stuff in the back, looked like a trash bin, but who cares.

Von Retrofair2011

During the long way home, we were happy to had a great time in the Netherlands. MaSTer64 was really happy to finally got a TT and a SC1224.

When the time came to unload the stuff, we weren’t that happy anymore, but we solved that problem after a while 🙂

Stuff I bought at the eJagFest 2010

25 12 2010

It’s a while ago, but here is the Stuff I bouhgt at the eJagFest 2010

eJagFest 2010 stuff

V.I.P. 2010

18 07 2010

Last weekend I was at the V.I.P. demoscene party in the near of Lyon in France.

twh / taos joined me. We were 1,5 days on the road and one day at the party, but it was a very nice and relaxing party. Beside going to Lyon to have look around, we also found time, to play some old Atari XL classics like Wizard of Wor and The great American country cross race.

Unfortunately I was to tired to see the compos (damned).

But I also found time to compile Lua 5.0.3 for mint, and now also the os.execute function words when it is compiled with gcc.

Here some Pictures

Good bye Breakpoint

7 04 2010

The last Breakpoint was also a end of a chapter of my live. The post Atari party era is at it’s end.